Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Perversion of the Law: Gay's Crying Wolf

I just received word that an 18 yr old in Champaign Ill. has been charged with committing a hate crime against a homosexual male.

Brett Van Asdlen and his friend were walking down the street when they reportedly came upon two homosexual males holding hands. Brett commented to his friend (s) "look at those who guys holding hands", then one of the homosexual males got into Brett's fact exclaiming "What did you say?". The Homosexual Male would not get out of Brett Van Asdlen's face, then Mr. Van Asdlen pushed the guy back, he fell to the ground.

The homosexuals called the police, Brett Van Asdlen was arrested and charged with committing a hate crime, he has since been released on bail.

Homosexual activists are picketing in the streets of champaign Ill demanding that Mr. Van Asdlen be convicted under the hate crime laws.

We are supposed to be living in a free country where we are all protected under the law, and free to say,think,do what we want without being intimidated by others. Mr. Van Asdlen simply defended himself against a person who was verbally assaulting him, he had the right under the law to defend himself in my opinion.

Our laws have been perverted by perverts in order to instill fear and intimidation in the hearts and minds of the masses for the purpose of controlling the culture. It is my belief that there ought not to be any such thing as "hate crimes" on the basis that hate is a human emotion, and to criminalize a human emotion is asinine to say the least.

Since when is defending one's self considered an act of hate?

11 Reasons to fight 'Hate-Crimes' laws!

Now we in the United States of America can't even defend ourselves against those who lust for power, and dream a sick Utopian dream. You can almost detect the satanic gleam on the faces of those involved in the gay rights agenda every time they get the chance to push one of these hate crimes cases through the courts. When will the American people wake up and begin pushing back?

The Human Rights Campaign along with a whole slew of pro-homosexual groups have been working for years to overturn our culture by crying boo-hoo every time someone, or some group won't bow to their idol of corruption.

They hi-jacked the civil rights movement and twisted it to fit their agenda. When they could not get the majority of Americans to bow to them willingly, they went all out to force us all to bow to the idol of perversion and corruption. Using the courts, and seeking to change our laws, they work to undo our freedom, and personal liberties.

Most Americans don't realize the danger "Hate-Crimes Laws" represent, now in some places in our country it is against federal law to protect yourself against homosexuals who in their own hatred, seek to terrorize us into submission.

Charge a few of these homo-terrorists with a few hate crimes charges and see how they like it!

Hate Crimes Against Christians!

Hate Crimes Against Christmas!

Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Ignored by Media!

Please hammer the district attorneys office with phone calls, emails, live protesting, whatever it takes to stop this ridiculous situation. Whoever makes the most noise, is going to win this battle, we cannot allow homosexual activists to control the media or the courts in this case.

Email District Attorney - Julia Rietz -

Call - Main # - (217) 384-3733

Don't let the left wind loonies win this!!

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