Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot Air and High Prices

Democrats in Congress talk a good game when it comes to the United States drilling for it's own oil. But when the rubber meets the road, Congressional Democrats vote against these measure every time, they are all talk, and NO action.

You and I ask why? Why they talk about America's need for domestic oil supplies, and vote against it, and I will tell you why, it's a big political game they play. Could it be they are playing political 'Bait and Switch' with the minds of the American people? Or is it because of political payback aimed at pascifiying the far left fringe eco-loonies that voted them into office? Or both?

What if on top of all that they were the ones fixing the prices in order to gain political power?

How many big shot executives in the oil business are secretly on the side of liberal politics?

New York City is the seat of liberalism in America. It makes sense then that Wall Street would be full of lefties walking around in thousand dollar leisure suits, with their yuppie PDA's, and Ipods in tow.

What if liberals are controlling gas prices in order to beat conservatives in the race for the Presidency?

I tell you that if the prices all of a sudden drop back down after they take power, and then they will undoubtedly cast themselves as the "Great Saviors of America", then you and I will know they were the ones scamming the American people. If liberals can succeed in controlling our pocketbooks, we have a huge problem because they will use the same scam to get push whatever twisted agenda they want to, we can't let them win.

If liberal Democrats can keep us dependent on foreign oil, they could drive us all into bankruptcy, causing the American people to depend on the government for basically everything, driving us under the rule of a full-scale socialist system of government where liberals become the slave masters, and we become the slaves.

It's all about prosperity! isn't it? Who ever can manipulate gas and food prices can control the "masses who are asses" in the eye's of liberal politicians. I have often said that "Money is Power, Power is Money to Liberals"! This is just another example of dirty politics for political gain, with end resulting in more people living below the poverty line, and more starving Americans.

It does not make sense for George Bush to drive up the prices, this clearly plays into the hands of liberal democrats, not into the hands of conservatives, so those liberals out there who are blaming Bush for the high prices ought to re-think their position.

As with any major issue, Democrats and some left-leaning Republicans always blow nothing but HOT AIR! It just goes without saying doesn't it!

It is time for the American people to take control of America, or we might not have much of an America left!

You might consider an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans? Dr. Alan Keyes in running for nomination for President of the United States under the auspices of the Constitution Party. If you feel that the Republicans have left you high and dry, and you find the Democratic candidates as distasteful as I do, then you might consider Dr. Keyes as a viable alternative to the rhetoric of both major parties.

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