Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay's Seek to use US Government as a Weapon to Persecute Christians

Liberal senators are pushing to pass ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) through Congress. This law would be used to persecute Christian's into either accepting homosexuality, or go broke trying to defend themselves in the courts.

. . either abandon their religious convictions or face financial ruin defending themselves.

This effort is being led by Senator Ted Kennedy (MA), he and other left-wing fringe liberals are pushing for this measure that would help to criminalize Christianity in America. Surely this is payback for getting them elected into office, and shows just how much they really think of the majority of Americans.

Some states already are tormenting private employers on behalf of homosexuals!

New Mexico authorities fined a wedding photographer nearly $7,000 because she remained faithful to her Christian values rather than photograph a lesbian's "commitment ceremony!"

Kodak fired a loyal 21-year employee who objected to pro-homosexual indoctrination and refused to attend "diversity" re-education.

Sandia National Laboratories forced Christian workers to remove Bible verses and photos of their traditional families so that homosexual employees wouldn't be offended.

ENDA would create a federal version of these policies-and a national nightmare that would force people of faith to abandon their values . . . or face harsh discipline!

These are just a few samples of what we can expect if ENDA makes it into law, and if the 'Hate Crimes' law gets passed that will include homosexuals as a special protected class, we will enter a dark time in our history in America, a time of relentless persecution like had never occurred before in our history.

I am reminded of three guys in the Bible that refused to bow when commanded by law to do so. They didn't bend, they didn't bow, and they did not burn!

You and I need to do the same! We will not bow to the tyranny of the liberal machine! We won't bend! We won't bow! and We won't burn!

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