Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama Would Scrap Defense of Marriage Act

Senator Barack Obama was quoted in an interview he gave to the Advocate Magazine, where he promised that he would repeal the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), he as most socialists believe that it is not necessary to have a marriage protected at the federal level, they claim states rights.

Sure of course they want it kept at the state level because it much easier for them to overturn. A federal law would be far more difficult for liberal activists to overcome, and overturn.

Senator Obama like most of his partners in crime in the Democratic Party, supports the special rights of the far left homosexual big-lie machine. He wants to leave the door wide open for political pay-back after they all get him elected President, and further more, this shows exactly how anti-Christian Obama really is.

Most liberals say one thing and do the other, and Obama is NO different!

Senator Obama who has a hot looking wife of his own, and two or three children, rather pass into law 'gay marriage', than protect it under the law. Nothing could be more hypocritical than that I assure you, but then again, Obama is a liberal socialist Democrat, what else do you expect?

The American people want a strong moral leader!

This person may not be perfect in everything he does, but at least he will have the correct worldview, and core values to lead the country, and not continue the moral, and spiritual demolition of the nation that started with the Clinton era. Trust us B Hussien Obama, we do not want to ride your wrecking ball!

A man who has the right values, and is strong enough to lead is Dr. Alan Keyes. He is running for the Presidency also. You haven't heard much about him because of the way the national media had blacked him out. This shows just how evil and corrupt the news media in this country has become, and furthermore, the Republican Party assisted the media in blacking him out. Alan had thus departed the Republican Party and is now looking to the Constitution Party for the nomination. If you want a true conservative, you want Alan Keyes!


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