Saturday, January 12, 2008


Here we go with another crazy election cycle well under way, and it' even crazier than before. The Candidates on both sides of the isle seem to lack the qualities for the position they are running for, the Presidency of the United States of America.

On the Democrat's side we have the usual suspects, way too liberal, way to out of touch with the truth. On the Republican side we have almost the same problem with maybe one exception. The polls are all over the place, the primary races are unpredictable, it's making my head spin.

I have never seen the Republican Party in such sad shape, it's making me sick!

Rudy's too liberal, and unqualified to be President. Romney seems to be too wishy washy, and liberal, something about him turns me off. Huckebee may be Baptist, but seems to have liberal leanings, can't vote for him.

Ron Paul, too liberal.

John McCain whom is also a bit too liberal for me, however I respect his honorable service to this nation, the man is a war hero after all. Duncan Hunter seems to have the right values, but can he run the country? Fred Thompson is a tough guy, and looks the part, but he does not really want the job so the heck with him.

Alan Keyes has got the right credentials and experience for the Job, but is getting screwed by his own party, let alone the media. I will support Keyes because he has the potential to destroy Hillary and Obama's hopes and dreams. Keye's is intelligent, truly conservative, and can lead this nation the right way.

Let's step back a moment, take a deep breath so we can focus on what is truly important here. People we need to get on our knees and pray for God's will to be done so that his person for the job get's it. If we want a strong Christian leader like Keye's then we need to ferverently pray for him and his campaign, and we must do it now!!

If we end up with an ungodly leader, it is because we failed to pray, not because we didn't vote. God can and will intervene in this campaign if your and I will seriously pray. Will you join me?

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