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An American's First Duty

Mark Twain the great author of some of America’s greatest novels. Huckleberry Fin, and Tom Sawyer. This world renown writer wrote many other books stretching from 1867 - 1935, but the most famous are the ones mentioned above.

Mark Twain was rather outspoken about his own personal beliefs and opinions, and these are recorded for us all to browse. His wisdom is well recorded in the area of voting God in the polls.

We are living in an age where emotions seem to override common sense, and people step into the polls and vote for every scoundrel under the sun. If Mark Twain were alive today I am sure he would have some profound words of wisdom for today’s inept voters.

The Majority of those who campaign for high public office are indeed scoundrels who have ill intentions for the American society. They are aligned with armies of rogue’s whose goal it is to seize power over American society in order to overturn her, and merge her into some global utopian scheme.

Those who cast votes these day’s do so largely in ignorance, not discerning properly in their puny minds the danger of casting their vote for ungodly men. Men whose arrogance precedes them from a mile away, whose intentions for this nation are to see it further degenerated unto it’s own destruction.

People largely vote for individuals based upon their skin color, religion, or lack thereof.

An Individual who leans toward the socialist agenda will of course vote for a socialist candidate. The Black man casts his vote for a black candidate based solely on the tone of his skin, not upon that man’s values. Women cast their vote for a female candidate because she is female, ignoring the fact the this individual is a detriment to society.

What we need in America is for it’s citizens to take a moral revival, and if we should continue to elect ungodly persons into public office, we shall not have good role models for the next generation to emulate.

Mark Twain made much ado about this topic:

“It will be conceded that every man's first
duty is to God; it will also be conceded,
and with strong emphasis, that a Christian's
first duty is to God. It then follows, as a matter of
course, that it is his duty to carry his Christian code of morals
to the polls and vote them.”

He also stated this:

“If Christians should vote their duty to God at the polls, they
would carry every election, and do it with ease. They would
elect every clean candidate in the United States, and defeat
every soiled one.”

A soiled candidate running for public office?, you don’t say?

Seems to me the majority of Republican’s and Democrat’s fit that description quite well, and what’s even worse yet they are the front runners in every major election.

What we need right now in America is a moral revival, a return to Christian values, and moral leaders leading the way. Mark twain called for Christians to vote God in the polls, to vote for clean candidates in every election. By a clean candidate he means one that is not soiled with ungodly politics.

Such a candidate will of course be pro-life, and pro-family in every way. He/she cannot we wishy-washy, a candidate that has changed their position in recent years has done so to gain votes, and win elections, not necessarily because it is their personal conviction.

Does a Christian Have the Duty to Vote

Mark Twain stated that “every man’s first duty is to God” and rightly so.

I am stating that “Every Americans first duty is to God, and then his country”.

If every American would adopt this mindset, this nation begin to turn from the path of destruction she is heading down, and begin to re-establish herself, a nation whose God is the Lord.

If every “Christian” in America would stop for just a moment and honestly think things through, they would not vote for those who are of the spirit of anti-Christ, nor elect any individual to office that is in any way questionable in his/her character.

Let every American emerge from the fog, and see the light, as they have been blinded far too long by the ungodly agenda of the popular media.

The Media Versus America!

Hollywood’s Values out of touch?

Yes turn a blind eye towards Hollywood’s popular prophets of glitter, butt-clowns, every one of them. “Got a bully-pulpit, will run big mouth” the new motto for the Hollywood’s ungodly elitists. Light’s, Camera, Spread Immorality and Hatred of America. It’s not entertaining anymore!

We must stop letting these forces of darkness rule the nation, it is time for every American to respond to the clarion call, vote for Godly men in the polls, shut off TV shows that preach unclean doctrines of popular society, and shut the door on CNN!

If you honestly care about this nation, and the road were heading down, the road to our own demise, then join me in taking a stand for real values, the values that made this country great.

Join me in voting God in the polls!

A Godly Man Running for President!

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