Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another example of Left Wing Hate Speech

World Net Daily is repoorting that an english professor in Idaho is in hot water for making a death threat against Republicans. The instructor, Ms. Bryant suggested to her class that anyone who has ever voted Republican should be executed, and she said these things with a smile on her face, and freeky admits to making the statement. This did not sit well with at least on student who has since withdrawn from the class, and requested a refund.

WND also reports that several people around the country have taken the liberty to call and/or email Professor Bryant to express their anger at the statements she made in class, some included death threats, and foul langauge.

I guess people take offense at the suggestion that they should be killed for excersizing their freedom in the polls. You can't blame people for getting angry over something like this, but I think that making death threats against her is going overboard, and lowers us to her level.

There is an investigation under way to indentify the persons who made death threats against this woman. It seems the focus has shifted from her negative comments, to who sent the nasty messages.

The point I would like to make is that we in America are sick of paying educators to spread left wing hate in the classrooms, and any smart educator knows that they are not thier to indoctrinate students minds with left wing trash, but from the looks of things, there are a lot of stupid idiots teaching these days.

If Ms. Bryant cant watch her P's and Q's, maybe she should go get an honest job where she cant corrupt the minds of young people. It's teachers like this that have ruined our educational system, and turned them into churches of humanism, and places of communistic re-education.

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