Saturday, November 04, 2006

Teaching Abstinece v.s. Planned Parenthoods Pocketbook

Why Planned Parenthood doesn’t want our kids from learn about sexual abstinence.

Did you ever wonder why liberal groups are so against abstinence education in our schools?

What is it they don’t like about it? Is it because abstinence is a Biblical teaching, and because it represents Christian morality? Partly, but I think there is something far more sinister behind their war on moral teachings, that has to do with their wallets more than anything else. There is actually a very simple explanation behind their opposition to teaching our kids to wait until they are married to become sexually active.

Planned Parenthood is all about making money off the blood of innocent unborn human beings; this organization is driven by greed, money, and racism. If young people are taught and encouraged to wait until marriage to become sexually active, they will most likely not become pregnant out of wedlock, and the victims of Planned Parenthoods greed.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach and train their children with the correct values, so they will have a much lower chance of becoming a statistic, because they became sexually active before the proper time. If a parent is not religious they should find another way to convey the idea of abstinence to their young people, for it is the best policy around.

When Planned Parenthood is no longer performing as many abortions, there will be a dramatic drop in the number of procedures they perform in a given year, which means they will not be floating in the big bucks anymore at the expense of innocent children and women.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, Money is power to liberal socialists, the more of it they have, the more political power they have, the less they have, the less power they have. Take their source of funding away and they will not have near the influence on politics and society, that in their eyes would be a disaster for their political agenda. Planned Parenthood has pocketed millions of dollars by performing abortions on underage/minors, usually without their parent’s permission. This is because if the parents knew that the school was taking their child to get an abortion, the parents would largely object, and attempt to protect their child from having an abortion, which would lessen PP's profit margin.

Planned Parenthood has also pocketed millions of our tax dollars that they have used to end the lives of unborn children in return for huge profits. They claim to provide educational programs to school children, but what they have done is go into the public school and pass out free condoms to students, and of course they try to show how supposedly safe their abortions are, and why these young people should consider having and abortion if they become pregnant, they indoctrinate, they do NOT educate.

Planned Parenthood encourages young people to have sex for the simple fact that teen sexual activity often winds up with an unplanned pregnancy, and many times Americas young end up on the operating tables in PP's clinics. Planned Parenthood especially targets minorities for the purpose of controlling their numbers, and grabbing more of our tax money that they turn into blood money.

Ching! Ching!

You can almost here the sound of the cash flowing into the pockets of PP, and other abortion providers as they continue their 'killing for profit' scheme. Planned Parenthood is laughing all the way to the bank, trust me on this one, they don’t care about the people they hurt, they only care about getting they bloody hands on more money.

The more morality is redefined in our culture as relative, the more Planned Parenthood and other liberal agencies will be looking to cash in on the pain of others.

We must begin to rebuild within our culture that moral absolutes are necessary in a free society in order to maintain the health and welfare of the society. Abstinence from sexual activity until marriage, and then remaining faithful to ones spouse throughout marriage, is the only way to insure that a person does not contract sexually transmitted diseases such as HBV, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases (i.e. STD's).

The only safe sex is no sex until the right time in our lives when we take the walk down the aisle and faithfully commit to another individual of the opposite gender, the way God created it to be.
Maybe it’s time for America to take another look at what Planned Parenthood, and the abortion industry is doing to this country. You know that they continue to be largely unregulated, leaving them the opportunity to exploit women and children for pure profit again and again. I think it’s time to pass some legislation that brings strict regulation upon the abortion industry, why should they continue unobstructed in their work, when every other industry is being regulated do death by the government. This is the only way to insure that the procedures they perform are safe, and being performed by actual physicians, not by their assistants who are unlicensed to perform these procedures, for all to often this has been the case.

If the abortion industry will not comply, if they continue to kill and injure women with so-called safe procedures, then they should face strict penalties under the law. It would be best to limit the amount to state and federal tax dollars they receive until they comply with the public’s demands for accountability, and reasonable regulations backed up with serious penalties for non-compliance with the law. You can bet the ACLU will fight along side the abortion industry to stop any and all attempts to regulate the industry, as the ACLU fully supports abortion, and opposes the civil rights of the unborn, and the rights of parents to protect thier children.

Yes Planned Parenthood is getting richer by the day off the suffering of America’s women and the blood of America's children, as they pocket unbelievable amounts of money. Next time they march in a town near you, build yourself a sign, and go let them know you have had it with their exploitation of women for profit.

Planned Parenthood is NOT the solution, they are the problem!


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