Saturday, November 18, 2006

Liberals Behaving Badly: Democrats is Congress sure to Push through Pro-Sodomite Hate Crime Legislation

We have just passed through the mid-term elections in which liberal democrats picked up a few more seats in Congress giving them the majority status. With this in mind, undoubtedly they will attempt to push through thier far loonie left-wing agenda under the sun.  It is expected that one of the big ones will be the reintroduction of hate-crime legislation aimed at protecting the bad behavior of a few, while robbing the many of thier constituitional rights.

Let there be NO mistake that this will come to pass over the next few months, and it is my prediction that it will backfire in thier faces in 2008!  We still have a Conservative Republican in the White House, and I hope that GWB will veto any and all attempts by commie-crats to pass this type of utter BS into law.

The Traditional Values Coalition reports that "This hate crimes bill is likely to be a re-engineered version of the old Local
Law Enforcement Enhancement Act (LLEEA). The pro-homosexual, anti-Christian
Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) is another bill that will be revived as
part of the homosexual agenda."

If there was ever a time of Christians, and Conservatives, and other Americans with a shredd of common decency to take a hard stand and start swinging, this is it!  The very fabric of our nation is in mortal jeporday of being cutt away, causing irrepreable damage to the future of this country.

While we must protest, and loudly!  We must also pray feverently!

The American people dropped the ball in the mid-term elections, and this is my opinion is inexcusable at best.  Once our freedom of speech. religion, and personal expression is gone, it will be very difficult to get it back without blood being shedd in the streets of America, and believe you me, the day may come when we have to take up weapons in order to take back our nation from the commie-crats!

It will look something like this.  First, the passage of Hate-Crimes Legislation to normalize the sickening behavior of homosexuals by silencing all verbal, and written opposition to homosexuality. Then Homosexuals opperatives will begin to harrass, and intimidate innocent, law abiding citizens, pushing thier "gay" lifestyle square in our faces.

Passing these type of laws will give homosexuals "above the law" status, and give them a license to un-mercilessly harrass good and decent Americans.  Acts of domestic terrorism by those who practice homosexuality will increase dramaticly. Then Churches will have to stop preaching the truth of God's Word concerning homosexual behavior, Christians will endure heavy persecution at the hands of liberals (communists), and thier co-horts.

Is this the kind of America you want to live in?

If not then you need to get radical!  get loud!  and stand up against the tryanny of Communism in America.

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