Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Right to Celebrate Christmas

Is nothing sacred anymore? It doesn’t seem like it. Seems anything and everything that is remotely Christian in nature is being attacked, and labeled as unconstitutional by those who have an incessant hatred for the Christian faith. These persons and the organizations they support such as the ACLU will stop at nothing to end all public expression of faith.

We have witnessed these attacks against our faith and values, and have become outraged at the ridiculous ideology, and bigotry of the left. The ridiculous assumption that anything having to do with Christianity in the public square must be censored and silenced is indeed offensive to a large portion of the American people, an affront to the majority of God fearing citizens in this country.

Already the lines are drawn in the sand, the legal briefs are being readied, and the lawsuits filed to stop the true meaning of Christmas from being expressed publicly. Thanks to the anti-Christian bigots and the ACLU, school bands can no longer even play a traditional Christmas song because someone just might recognize the song, and it might remind them about the birth of Christ, and what the season really is about.

This is nothing but pure political correctness in action, it is out of control, and it is time for good people to do something about it.

Every person of faith needs to educate themselves about their rights concerning public expression of their faith; The Alliance Defense Fund has a website you can go to where you can learn what your rights are, and if your rights are threatened or trampled upon, the ADF has legal teams waiting to assist you. It is perfectly legal to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, and to place nativity scenes in our own front yards, but if we fail to take a stand now for this just cause, the day will come soon where they will overrun our private property rights as well.

Say Christmas!

Communism/Socialism always seeks to rid society of ALL Christian expression, and to ban Christianity as a whole, and punish those who dare practice their Christian faith. Look back at the USSR! Remember how Christians had to meet in secret because it was illegal to worship God openly and freely. That is what the ACLU and the left are working towards here in America, the total eradication of the Christian influence from society. Christians is the USSR were often tortured and killed for their faith, the end result of socialism is always mass genocide, and world history is living proof of this.

Liberals state that having Christian values influence our laws and politics is dangerous, but I disagree with that assumption entirely on the basis that if Christian values are kept out of the picture, then all we have left are secularist/humanist values which are no real values at all.

I will state that the values and beliefs of Christianity are needed in law and politics to keep this nation on the straight and narrow, and that without Biblical morality as the foundation of law and public policy, this nation will indeed self destruct, because evil always grows until it collapses in on itself. If we allow those who are evil to rule the roost, the end result will be a nation flooded with evilness, and a nation that no longer exists.

We have the right to say “Merry Christmas”, we have the right to sing traditional Christmas carols in public places, we have the right to display the nativity, to display a cross in public, or whatever we want. No one, not the ACLU or any liberal anti-Christian bigot will be able to stop us from presenting the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus our Savior.

And if they should succeed to pass laws that further restrict our rights, we shall just ignore them, and disobey the laws of man, to follow the laws of God, for God’s laws are higher than mans laws. While the idea of “hates crimes” laws that are designed to control what I may think or say publicly, troubles me, If I were a God hating liberal, I would be more concerned about the hate crimes I had committed against God!

These attacks launched against Christmas, the Ten Commandments are indeed hate crimes against God, and his penalty against those who break his laws far outweighs any penalty man can enact upon another man.

Let me close by wishing you and yours a Merry CHRISTmas!


Unknown said...

Perhaps if your idiotic religion was based on anything even remotely considered as REALITY, maybe you wouldn't have such a fucking inferiority complex.

ProtestTheLeft said...

first off all let me say that it's not about religion, it's about a relationship with God, and that is something real! I just love how toleralnt you liberals are these day's, after all, you preach tollerance to everyone else, but you don't practice it one bit!