Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Nation Divided Will Not Stand

America is in BIG TROUBLE!

We have become divided as a nation for the purpose of political power.   We are pawns of a political power struggle that is based upon an opposing set of core values fueled by the greediness of power-hungry people. 

The tug of war between the left and the right, the liberals and the conservatives, Democrats v.s. Republicans will never end.  Both sides want control but only one will win control.  Whichever side is in control of the Government controls the policies and will make and repeal laws according to their worldview.

The worldview of the left (Democrats) is Socialism which has failed in every place it has ever been tried.  Nations that have this type of Governmental system are typically run by Communists which set themselves up as a ruling class and force the masses of people into mass poverty without proper food, medicine, and decent basic things needed to survive. 

This is what the left wants, to be in absolute power so they can turn the US of A into a third world country where they rule and everyone else gets starved to death with no recourse available to force the left out of power.  China, Vietnam, and other nations the people are lucky if they make even $1 a day to purchase a bowl of rice to eat.  That's not equality, nor fairness.

There is NO individual liberty in these countries, NO Christianity allowed unless it is registered with the Government and is subject to the Governments regulations and the people are under surveillance by Government snitches and agents at all times.  Is this the America we want to live in? HELL NO!

The left has managed to turn black and white people against each other. Under Obama years of progress in racial relations went out the window so that the Dem's could gain more political power and implement their plans of the new socialist America they have dreamed about for years.

Now that we have a Republican President and a Republican-controlled Congress and they have lost all kinds of power it's back to the nasty games the Dem's love to play pitting one segment of society against another for political reasons.  Only this time it's not black against white its women against men.

Keeping people divided by class, color, and gender makes it easy for the Democrats to get the upper hand and begin to take back whatever power they can.  The Dems don't care at all about women, nor do they care about rape victims, they care about being in control.  Abortion is just another way they can control people and the population. They don't care if it hurts or if babies die, they care about political power and that's all.

"A nation divided against itself cannot stand it will inevitably implode, fall from within.  This is the course of destruction America is heading down, and it won't be pretty.  This nation is at a tipping point and the violence will only increase and become more violent unless we turn back now. 

The only real solution I see is for each of us to humble ourselves before our creator God and ask for His intervention is our nation. Let us pray for our President and elected officials as we are told to do n Scripture and not let up until He moves on our behalf.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Democratic Party Is A Domestic Terrorist Organization

Over the last few years, we have seen a rise of politically inspired violence and mayhem at the hands of the Democratic Party. Many activist groups will engage in acts of violence and call it protesting when in fact whey they are engaging in is acts of domestic terrorism in order to strike hear into the hearts of minds of law-abiding Americans. 

Fear is a great motivator and a great scare tactic when used against those whose values, principles, and political stance opposes theirs.  Much like their counterparts in the middle east they physically attack their political enemies to scare them into submission, to make them afraid so that they will not vote, or fight back against them. 

This is why I say the Democratic Party is a Domestic Terrorist Organization because the many hard-left activist groups most of which are now funded by George Soro's and other wealthy Communists will do whatever it takes in order to get the upper hand and win the battle. 

Take for instance the latest battle over Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Democratic Party Hacks have spent numerous hours chasing the Republicans Senators around screaming at the "Shame! Shame! Shame!" and claiming that they "Don't care about women who have been sexually abused" and so forth.  They are quick of put words into the mouths of other people and obviously do not care about the law of the land as they make they make their own law.

While groups of anarchists and Black Lives Matter activists where attacking other people, blocking roads and highways and wreaking all kinds of havoc while the Liberal Elites in Congress look on in approval.  The Dem Elite do the same thing as the activists on the street, they break every law in the books, if the end, justifies their means,  have a double standard when it comes to how they treat conservative groups v.s. socialist groups, and will say anything as long as they win.

If a Pro-Life group were to block a road or highway or even the entrance to an abortion clinic the left would be screaming bloody murder and claiming that they don't have the right to deny women their "health-care".  Pro-Life activists were dragged away from abortion clinics in the 70's, jailed, and sued by the pro-abortion forces until they had virtually nothing left.

Laws were passed outlawing the blocking of abortion clinics by protestors, but BLM can block an ambulance heading to an emergency room carrying a person having a heart attack and that is excused by law enforcement.

Antifa another Soro's sponsored group of violent anarchists have caused all kinds of problems including several violent attacks against innocent civilians.  Where were the Dems when Antifa was setting fires and beating people up?  Probably sitting in their private club sipping wine and watching the action on their satellite TV. 

What they fail to understand is that Silence in Consent (Approval) and that several members of their party are on Soro's payroll also, but no one seems to care about that because money talks and these anarchist groups are the activist arms of the Democratic Party as the main-stream media is an arm of the Socialist elite also. 

The Liberals approve of any act of violence or the telling of any lie that will advance their socialist agenda. Isn't it time We the People did something end their reign of terror?  The Mid-term elections are almost here and we have another chance to kick out these purveyors of anarchy from our Government.  This is how we can help President Trump "Drain the Swamp" by voting as many Democrats out of office and send them home, let them get regular jobs like the rest of us and find out what its like to be the little guy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Democrats Will Be Democrats

Just when you thought you had seen it all they come up with another way to obstruct the President's appointee for the Supreme Court by producing false accusations of sexual misconduct and hold up the confirmation hearing.  Here comes Dr. Ford claiming that Kavanaugh had assaulted her years ago but it turns out that she really has no idea when, where, or who assaulted her.

The Socialist baby-killers already have Kavy tried, convicted, tarred and feathered without a shred of real evidence yet they continue on in their willful ignorance advancing a total sham claiming that Ford is telling the truth and Kavy must be lying.  

How diluted can one group of people be? 

"I believe Dr. Ford is telling the truth."   Really where is the solid evidence besides her word to prove her story is true?  What?  You don't have any evidence?  The Mr. and Mrs. Democrats shut up and step out of the way so we can get this confirmation over with!

I hope the people in this country see clearly what is taking place here and that it backfires in the face of the Dem's when the mid-terms come around, very soon in fact.  All this Democratic BS should result in a red wave sweeping the nation, and I for one will be sitting back and ROFLMAO when the Dems get their donkey's handed to them, again.

The Dems have done lots of dirty and underhanded things over the years so this is really just status quo for them, or (SOP) Standard Operating Procedure for the nasty left.  The Clintons are the masters of cover-up and getting rid of the evidence.  Hillary is the most corrupt and most unfit candidate we have seen in years and it's a good thing she lost the election.

I expect Kavanaugh to be confirmed before the mid-terms, if not then we may not get another change till Trump wins re-election in 2020.  Let's hope for the best and vote the Dems out of office that would really drain the swamp. 

Trump needs to systematically begin to terminate any Government employee caught colluding with the Clintons, Obama, or the DNC to throw him out of office.  The Deep State needs to be rooted out of power along with the Dem's and then the swamp will be drained and we the people can get back to having Constitutional Government that is for and by the people, not the trial lawyers and career politicians.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Liberals Upset about 'A-Border-Sin' the Hypocirites

Liberals have found a new battle to wage over the separation of children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the U.S. Border with Mexico.  Thousands of Hispanics make the trek to the United States every year to obtain a better life in America, but they do so illegally without proper documentation risking their lives.  Many are caught and detained but many manage to evade border agents and disappear into our cities and towns and cannot be traced.

Democrats love illegals because they love the votes so the Dem's are weak on border security and weak on building a wall to help keep out those who wish to break our laws and sneak into our country.  Democrats also love handing out freebies in order to win the support of illegals.  Free housing, education, healthcare, and food just for voting Democrat?  Not a very good trade if you ask me because the American people get a raw deal every time a Dem takes power.

So separating Children from their parents is such a horrible sin in the eyes of liberals something else for them to blame on our President but they seem to forget that Obama did it also.  I coined the term A-border-sin because I intend on once again exposing the hypocrisy of the left.  Liberals do not have a problem with separating children from their mothers via abortion, in fact, they support abortion under every circumstance for any reason they can make up.

The more dead babies the more money gets funneled into liberal coffers by the abortion industry. 
Don't be fooled!  Abortion is big business and big money, blood money to be exact, and the Dem's are soaking in it up to their necks. The problem is that dead babies will never vote for anyone and the mothers are often traumatized after the procedure is over with and have to live with the bloodguilt for the rest of their lives, but the Dems don't have time to worry about that.

If ripping a child from the arms of their mothers and fathers at the border is wrong then ripping a child apart piece by piece in the womb and selling their body parts out the back door is all the more wrong.  Dems want whatever gives them more money and more political power.  They could care less about the individuals who are being detained or the babies who are killed or the mothers left in the aftermath of abortion.  As long as the ends justify their means they are happy, and as long as this gives them another angle to attack President Trump they are all too happy.

Let's be honest. Liberals are scum and have no moral values to speak of.  They are self-absorbed, self-seeking robots of doom and gloom looking for the next angle they can use to cause anarchy and upheaval in our nation.  They are filthy stinking rich elitists who look down their noses at the rest of us and think way more of themselves and little of us peasants struggling to pay our bills and keep our head afloat.  Liberals will always raise our taxes and force their agenda on us until they are taken out of power, and sent off to find real jobs like the rest of us.

Let's Repeal the Dem's and Replace them with Constitutional Conservatives that will get our nation back to doing what it was meant to do, serving the people not serving itself. 

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Far Left is Certifiably Crazy!

Ever since Donald Trump became President of the United States the left is having an absolute cow and becoming more and more annoying not to mention insane. We have heard the cries for impeachment and they are not giving up in their quest to destroy Trumps Presidency. 

The latest incantation coming from the lefties is "Abolish ICE" LOL!  They want to get rid of the law enforcement division responsible for arresting and detaining criminal illegal aliens, and they want to end the separating of children from their parents.

First of all, anyone who crosses our border illegally is a criminal and should be arrested, detained, and deported.  Why should we continue to allow these people to flood into our country when we cannot do the same to theirs? 

A year or so ago a former US Marine with loaded guns accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico. He found himself detained in one of Mexicos horrible prisons for several months until Mexican authorities decided to let him go free.  America's prisons are country clubs next to Mexicos prisons. The conditions and treatment are way less than desirable and inhumane at best.

The left needs to get a life and stop this crazy hate speech aimed at our President.  ICE is here to stay and so it Donald Trump so get over it already!  We had to put up with eight years of socialist Obama now we conservatives are in control and we are going to do what needs to be done to clean up the mess Obama made of this nation.

The next two elections are critical in that we cannot afford to allow the Democrats to take over Congress and we cannot allow them the White House in 2020 either.  If they somehow get control we are in big trouble as a nation.  It is not about Big Government v.s. Small Government anymore it is about Liberty v.s. Socialism so vote conservative for a free America.