Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Democratic 'Bad Self Eaters' Debate Again

The fake news is reporting on the Democratic debate that happened last night and how the candidates tore each other apart in an all-out feeding frenzy, especially 'Mini-Mike' Bloomberg.  Who will come out ahead and win the nomination know one knows but whoever it is is sure to lose the election.

In an all-out war on each other, the candidates squared off each in their own little corner and began taking chunks out of each other, must have been some show indeed and you can't make this kind of stuff up.  I say let them continue to beat each other up until the election that way they will be too busy to worry about Trump.

There is no difference between any of these candidates as they all support the same radical 'left-wing' Socialist agenda. Not even one of them is running on anything of substance and all of them are running on the 'Get Trump out of office', this is their only real goal.

If by some mistake the people do elect any of these Democratic frauds to replace Trump (God Forbid) you will see a black cloud rise over D.C.  and spread across this country like never before.  They will begin to spread mass misery from sea to shining sea taxing to death everything in sight and taking away our liberties one at a time until we have none left.

We cannot afford to elect these bunch of freedom stealing Communists, we must re-elect President Donald Trump for another term and encourage him to work even harder to drain the swamp. We have the chance to drain the swamp ourselves by voting for Conservatives to replace Socialists. We can send a resounding message to the left that we don't agree and we won't sit down and be silent.

The New Green Deal that every one of these Democratic candidates has logged onto and vowed to pass into law when elected, will destroy the very fabric of our nation. They will do to all of America when they have done to our inner cities all in the name of equality and social justice.

They must be stopped!

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Buttigieg and Sanders Top the List in Iowa Caucuses

Well, this is an interesting turn of events, isn't it?   An avowed Communist and a Homofacist top the Iowa Caucuses.  What else would you expect from the party that brought us Slavery, Racism, and  65 million dead babies?

The Democrats have gone off the cliff and in my estimation have topped themselves for being the most morally and spiritually fallen of all the political parties. Just when we thought they could not possibly get any worse than when Obama was President, behold they do become worse and worse.

Bernie Sanders is promising free everything in order to get votes including mortgage-free houses but if you take a closer look and really think this through he is talking about Government-owned housing under control of his socialist regime.  Cramped and substandard these new Government-Owned projects are not going to be comfortable and will go hand in hand with your new electric car, you can't hardly wait, can you?

Bernie is likely getting his ideas from AGENDA 21 and it's Sustainable goals.  Why these goals might seem ok to some on the surface a little investigation reveals a diabolical scheme to bring about world-wide Government (Socialist) Control.   Bernie's plans are very dangerous to your liberties as they will undoubtedly strip away all of our Constitutional Rights starting with our right to keep and bear arms.

Agenda 21 Goals

Once the guns are all confiscated probably by force the rest of our civil rights will be gone as well.  The Constitution Replaced with a new Socialist Manifesto (Consitution) where you are I will be subjected to tyranny as we have never witnessed before in this country.  I am not making this stuff up look at their goals yourself and as you read down the list you should be trembling as you realize what is in store when Bernie or any Socialist Democrat's take over this nation.

Buttigieg is no different except he is a radical homosexual who is with his partner who is another male.  With Mayor, Pete will come with everything that Bernie would bring but with a pro-homosexual agenda at the forefront.  Mayor Pete is already instructing Christians to change what they believe and if he is elected along with a socialist congress you know it will not be long till they begin to persecute those who remain faithful to the Word of God and will not change what they believe.

All the Democratic candidates are basically the same as Bernie and pose a great danger to our freedom and Civil Rights. We must elect a Conservative and Conservatives for Congress and the best choice is Donald J. Trump.  You may not like him and not agree with some of the things he has done but overall he has held a strong conservative line and driven the commies crazy which has been fun to watch.

The fact that these two ended up on top is proof of how far our nation has fallen away from its Christian founding.  We are a morally and spiritually bankrupt society who is at a breaking point and headed from destruction.  The Churches have no spiritual power and many preachers are too scared to tackle the tough issues from their pulpits because we Church going Christians are more afraid of offending the butterflies than we are offending God!

Pray for the President and this Country! 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Democrats Famous for Obstructing Justice

Since President Trump was elected President the left has been an unhinged group of maniacs focused on one thing, getting rid of Trump.  They cannot stand the fact that Hillary lost in 2016 which opened the door for President Trump to begin cleaning up the mess Obama and the Dem's left, a what a mess it was.

Obama caused more division in this nation than any other leader to date but they think that Trump is responsible for the racial divide, Liberals have very short memories.  Obamacare was high on the agenda of things to get rid of so President Trump and the Republicans in Congress went to work of repeal it but failed to repeal all of it because the Democrats were throwing a fit and doing there best to obstruct true progress.

Anything conservatives attempt to do for the good of the people in this country the Dem's will obstruct. Hillary Clinton and her hubby Bill were some of the biggest obstructers ever and Hillary is known for being the great evidence destroyer.  There is one word that shows how corrupt this woman is, "Whitewater".

They want to talk about obstruction, ok, let's talk about obstruction!

Democrats have repeatedly stalled President Trump's appointees and stalled their nominations. In fact, Democrats have obstructed every Republican Presidents nominees, for years they have stood in the way of us obtaining conservative leaders.  That's not all there is a whole list of other obstructions they are responsible for. 

Democrats obstruct justice when it serves there means yet conveniently forget about it but will jump on the chance to point fingers at the other side anytime it serves their agenda.  We saw how hateful and underhanded the Dem's are with this whole Judge Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court. The Dem's are dirty and they know it.

Obama obstructed justice many times but they ignore that fact and are intent on bulldozing Trump.  The probe into the Russian connection between them and the Trump admin that turned up blank. Dems ignored the fact that the real connection was between Hillary Clinton and the Russians.  Then came the Mueller Report that turned up nothing substantial against the President and now this stupid inquiry into whether or not they can impeach the President or not. 

It is clear to me that neither major political party is really interested in true justice and that each of them is only interested in gaining justice against the other side. When it's your guy in trouble you defend them and when it's the other parties, guy, you crucify them. This is not true justice this is a one-sided agenda to stick to the other guy. Maybe we need a third conservative party in Congress to break things up?


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Progressivism is Socialism (Communism)

With the last Democratic Debate under our belt it is very clear what their intentions are and Francis 'Beto' O'Rourke has led the pack in stating outright that "Democrats are coming for your guns" and Francis has gone as far as to say that they if the American people will not give up their guns they will take them by force. This is what a socialist police state does not what a Free Republic does and that should tell you exactly what Francis 'Beto' O'Rourke and the rest of the Democratic Socialist Party is all about.

My friends, Progressivism is Socialism, and Socialism leads to full blown Communism!

If the Democrats win this next election all Hell is going to break loose in this nation.  Their left-wing extremist plans for gun confiscation pose a mortal danger to each of us, and I am not joking! The words of these Radical Socialist Democrats should not be taken lightly or blown off because these people actually mean what they are saying, every word of it.

Only an absolute fool would embrace what these Democratic Candidates are proposing.  You would have to be so morally and spiritually gone to agree with these people are planning for this nation.  Who the Hell in their right mind would ever embrace this type of Socialist Radicalism?  People!  They are Communists every one of them and they hate America as it is and want to radically change it.

What they are actually up to is disarming the electorate that's you and I so that we have no possible way to protect ourselves when they come to kill us and take everything we own away from us.  If we give up our right to keep and bear arms or even give them out guns we will lose every Constitutional Right our founding fathers gave us.  People like Beto are the reason the Founders gave us the right to keep and bear arms in the first place.

Beto is Wrong for America right along with the rest of them!

If we are smart we will clean out the Democrats from the House and elect Conservatives who will stand with the people and support our Constitutional Rights.  If we fail at the voting booth in 2020 God Forbid we open the door to our own destruction.

Here are the Four Goals of Progressivism being taught to our children in the Government Socialist Indoctrination Centers of America (a.k.a the Public Schools).

1. Protecting Social Welfare
2. Promoting Moral Improvement
3. Creating Economic Reform
4. Fostering Industrial Efficiency

Why these might sound ok on the surface if you know anything about Socialism you realize what is really being said here. 

  • Protecting Social Welfare means expanding and forcing masses onto the Government dole as they have done in our inner cities for a long time. This creates mass poverty and makes everyone dependent on the Government for everything. The Government becomes godlike and people are not able to get adequate nutrition as the shelves at the local grocery store become empty of items that once lined them. People become sick and begin to starve and people begin to die in the streets. 
  • Promoting Moral Improvement has nothing to do with actual morality, but is about social reform through Socialist directives, namely using social groups such as the Salvation Army and the YMCA to feed and clothe the needy, which under their proposals and policies would mean just about every American except for the Socialist Elite of course. Progressive Morality has to do with things such as Tolerance, Inclusiveness, Gun-Control and Confiscation, The Abolition of Capital Punishment of convicted murderers.  Expanding abortion services for women(Killing Innocent Babies). Anti-War, Anti-Military.

    Progressives shun true morality as defined in the Ten Commandments where we are shown the things that offend God but Progressives (Socialists) have done everything in their power to erase the Moral Law of God from public view so that nobody is exposed to it and has to feel bad about themselves. Progressives cling to moral relativism which is whatever feels good do it and morality is whatever way the wind blows (i.e. Bill Clinton).
  • Creating Economic Reform for the Progressive means Government control of business and passes outrageous taxes such as Obamacare, and now the Green New Deal that will bankrupt the nation within a short amount of time.  Under Socialist rule the people are given just enough according to those who rule and it is not enough to feed and care for their families as we can see in our current welfare system. Young women having as many babies as they can in order to get enough money every month to pay for their apartment and whatever food they can afford.
  • Promoting Industrial Efficiency is where the Government takes over every form of production in the nation and brings it under Socialist control. This begins with high taxation and more regulations to control what companies can and can't do and then the elite swoop in and seize total control. They will tax away the wealth from those who create and provide jobs. Socialism always takes full control of all production and turns the factories into slave labor camps.  Hitler made the Jews slaves in Nazi Germany's factories until they died from exhaustion.  
Remember that these Progressive Socialists don't think the same as the rest of us and their policies are a great danger to our liberties.  We must not elect them to any high office. Not Governorships nor Congress nor the Presidency. Otherwise we under their rule will cease to exist as they siphon away out Constitutional Rights.


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Does Ilhan Omar Have A Clitoris? Or Not?

This is not a question most people would ask but its high time someone exposes what this woman is and how dangerous she is to individual liberty. She is not your ordinary run of the mill Socialist Democrat.  She is also a Muslim who wants to force Sharia Law on us and subject each of us to its harsh requirements. Her statements prove her incessant hatred of Israel and her incessant hatred of America.

I ask this question to prove a point that Islam is a backward thinking religious/legal system that poses a great threat to our freedom.  Islam treats women as pieces of property that are owned by their husbands for their sexual pleasure and speaking of that subject, often they take young girls and cut off their clitorises with a very sharp knife why others hold her down. This is a dark and barbaric pagan practice and must never happen here in our country.

This robs a woman of the deeper pleasures of sex when she is an adult and is pure evil. Islamic men rob themselves of the pleasure of fullness of sexuality the Real God the God of the Bible and of Israel intended for humans to experience  Little girls should never have to endure such pain and torment and we need to pass laws prohibiting this practice and setting up severe consequences for anyone that does this to a precious little girl.

So we revisit the question. Does Ilhan Omar have a Clitoris or Not?

Not that we really care either way and we really don't want to know if she does or doesn't.  What we want is to show is how backward thinking she is and how she is a great danger to our nation, our way of life, and our Christian heritage.  This is why President Trump banned Muslims from entering this country, they pose a danger to all of us and not to mention the risk of more attacks on our people.

It is NOT racist to protect the American people from potential danger by stopping those who pose a potential danger from entering our country.  Trump is doing what a good President and Leader ought to do and still they continue to bash and rip him to shreds for doing his job.  I for one hope Trump wins and I hope they lose very badly. Maybe then they will shut up but I doubt it.

Ilhan Omar should never have been elected to any political office especially one that makes laws that affect all of us.  There are hundreds of Muslims running for political office in 2020, America Beware!  These people are on a mission to infiltrate our Government and force Sharia on us and I mean FORCE IT on us! 

The Muslims along with the rest of the Democratic 'Communist' Party will scrap our Constitution and Bill of Rights and Institute a new Socialist Constitution where we have no rights and no recourse except to take up our firearms and resecure our liberty which means blood running in the streets and many lives lost in the process.  They will come for our guns it will be one of the first items of business on their docket and we must not give them up no matter what.

If Trump does not win the next election or at least one of the Republican candidates wins, they will come in and steamroll us and all Hell will break loose around us.  It will be far worse than when Obama took office, he was bad enough. If I were you I would fall on my face before God and start praying for this nation now, it's the only way to stop Ilhan and the army of hate and wickedness from destroying this land.