Monday, July 23, 2018

Liberals Upset about 'A-Border-Sin' the Hypocirites

Liberals have found a new battle to wage over the separation of children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the U.S. Border with Mexico.  Thousands of Hispanics make the trek to the United States every year to obtain a better life in America, but they do so illegally without proper documentation risking their lives.  Many are caught and detained but many manage to evade border agents and disappear into our cities and towns and cannot be traced.

Democrats love illegals because they love the votes so the Dem's are weak on border security and weak on building a wall to help keep out those who wish to break our laws and sneak into our country.  Democrats also love handing out freebies in order to win the support of illegals.  Free housing, education, healthcare, and food just for voting Democrat?  Not a very good trade if you ask me because the American people get a raw deal every time a Dem takes power.

So separating Children from their parents is such a horrible sin in the eyes of liberals something else for them to blame on our President but they seem to forget that Obama did it also.  I coined the term A-border-sin because I intend on once again exposing the hypocrisy of the left.  Liberals do not have a problem with separating children from their mothers via abortion, in fact, they support abortion under every circumstance for any reason they can make up.

The more dead babies the more money gets funneled into liberal coffers by the abortion industry. 
Don't be fooled!  Abortion is big business and big money, blood money to be exact, and the Dem's are soaking in it up to their necks. The problem is that dead babies will never vote for anyone and the mothers are often traumatized after the procedure is over with and have to live with the bloodguilt for the rest of their lives, but the Dems don't have time to worry about that.

If ripping a child from the arms of their mothers and fathers at the border is wrong then ripping a child apart piece by piece in the womb and selling their body parts out the back door is all the more wrong.  Dems want whatever gives them more money and more political power.  They could care less about the individuals who are being detained or the babies who are killed or the mothers left in the aftermath of abortion.  As long as the ends justify their means they are happy, and as long as this gives them another angle to attack President Trump they are all too happy.

Let's be honest. Liberals are scum and have no moral values to speak of.  They are self-absorbed, self-seeking robots of doom and gloom looking for the next angle they can use to cause anarchy and upheaval in our nation.  They are filthy stinking rich elitists who look down their noses at the rest of us and think way more of themselves and little of us peasants struggling to pay our bills and keep our head afloat.  Liberals will always raise our taxes and force their agenda on us until they are taken out of power, and sent off to find real jobs like the rest of us.

Let's Repeal the Dem's and Replace them with Constitutional Conservatives that will get our nation back to doing what it was meant to do, serving the people not serving itself. 

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Far Left is Certifiably Crazy!

Ever since Donald Trump became President of the United States the left is having an absolute cow and becoming more and more annoying not to mention insane. We have heard the cries for impeachment and they are not giving up in their quest to destroy Trumps Presidency. 

The latest incantation coming from the lefties is "Abolish ICE" LOL!  They want to get rid of the law enforcement division responsible for arresting and detaining criminal illegal aliens, and they want to end the separating of children from their parents.

First of all, anyone who crosses our border illegally is a criminal and should be arrested, detained, and deported.  Why should we continue to allow these people to flood into our country when we cannot do the same to theirs? 

A year or so ago a former US Marine with loaded guns accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico. He found himself detained in one of Mexicos horrible prisons for several months until Mexican authorities decided to let him go free.  America's prisons are country clubs next to Mexicos prisons. The conditions and treatment are way less than desirable and inhumane at best.

The left needs to get a life and stop this crazy hate speech aimed at our President.  ICE is here to stay and so it Donald Trump so get over it already!  We had to put up with eight years of socialist Obama now we conservatives are in control and we are going to do what needs to be done to clean up the mess Obama made of this nation.

The next two elections are critical in that we cannot afford to allow the Democrats to take over Congress and we cannot allow them the White House in 2020 either.  If they somehow get control we are in big trouble as a nation.  It is not about Big Government v.s. Small Government anymore it is about Liberty v.s. Socialism so vote conservative for a free America.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Flag of Rebellion and the Sign of Jonah

They call this a hate crime in America, burning a rainbow flag but burning an American Flag is considered to be Freedom of Speech? Are you kidding me?  Burning an American Flag

The rainbow flag represents evil and wickedness, rebellion and anarchy. It does not represent unity and liberty as the American Flag.

This Rainbow colored Flag is offensive to most Americans and most of all offensive to God!

So to celebrate the month of June lets all burn a rainbow flag!

The message is that this flag is "Offensive" and does not represent all Americans as does Old Glory and because of that this 'rainbow' flag must be burned.

The Message is that "An evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign and a sign will not be given to it except the sign of Jonah the Prophet."

What exactly is that "Sign of Jonah the Prophet"?

It is the call of repentance, to turn your back on sin and evil and turn to Jesus Christ accepting the free gift of Salvation that he offers each and every person.  You want to continue to live in rebellion towards God and live your life pleasing yourself then go ahead, but realize that in the end, you will get what you choose.

God lets you live however you want he never forces his will on anyone, however, you will spend eternity without God also in a place where you will forever pay for your rebellion against him, and you're rejecting of Jesus Messiah and his ultimate sacrifice for you. 

Proverbs 16:18 - " Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall."

Or from the Aramaic Bible in Plain English

"Disgrace is before ruin and pride of spirit before misfortune."

Proverbs 14:34 "Righteousness makes a nation great; sin is a disgrace to any nation."

What is the 'disgrace' spoken of in Proverbs 16:18?

It is sin!  Sin is disgraceful to God and to ourselves, and to our nation.

Jonah after having his attitude adjusted by God while vacationing in the belly of the "Big Fish" did as he was told, he went to wicked Ninevah and preach the message of Repentance to them, and they repented and God spared them.

America is on a collision course towards its own destruction because of its pride and arrogance, it's rejection of God and His Holy Word, and it's acceptance and/or tolerance of evil and wickedness.  God is raising up prophets to preach the message of repentance yet they continue to live and practice evil rejecting the truth and living to please themselves and not God.

Gog and Magog are just around the corner.  America may not continue to be a free nation of men but will come under the power of the evil one and his anti-Christ.  The Church will be gone, the Salt and Light removed from the earth and Hell will break loose. Men will die and beg to die as things get so bad they cannot cope with what is happening around them. 

Trump is a good President so far but even he cannot stop Bible Prophecy being fulfilled.  My friends today is the day to be saved you may not have another chance to turn to Jesus for Salvation and forgiveness of sin.  Don't let your pride get in your way and stop you from doing what is right. Your pride will lead to your eternal destruction. 

Today is the day to repent!  (Have a change of mind and heart, and turn your back on sin).

Three Easy Steps (It must come from your heart of hearts)

1. Repent (turn away for sin).
2. Confess (Jesus Christ is Lord and came in the flesh).
3. Recieve (Ask God for the Free Gift/Pardon he purchased for you with His Sons blood.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

David Hogg - Puppet Clown of the Hard Left

This kid is lucky to even be breathing at this point in time. You would think he would be grateful to be alive and getting some respite somewhere quiet, but no, David Hogg is marching lockstep with the hard left in their agenda to end the private ownership of guns and ammo.

Every time one of these tragedies occur the left can be heard whining and calling for certain guns to be banned, and gun to be seized from law abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong and have the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Oh, and it's not enough to just ban military assault weapons they want to repeal the entire 2nd Amendment and force the public to turn in all their guns. Of course, the answer to that is come and get it you POS liberals, you're going to have to pry it from my cold dead hands, to which the left replies, NO Problem!

Now Mr. Hogg has resorted to extortion against the well-known grocery chain Publix demanding that the company donate One Million Dollars to the anti-gun agenda and stop supporting the NRA.  I would urge Publix to tell Mr. Hogg to go screw himself sideways, this is America, love it or leave it.

You know dang well little Hogg man is not working alone here he is the puppet clown of the hard left and being used to promote and radical left-wing agenda that is extremely dangerous to the cause of liberty.  Mr. Hogg is more than likely pocketing a handsome sum of money for his rants and hijinks in order to promote his cause.  Mr. Hogg is a sell out to the anti-American, anti-liberty socialist regime.

I'm sure that Hillary and Obama are behind the curtain pulling Mr. Hogg's strings and funding him as he flaps his big fat liberal mouth and makes a fool or himself.  David Hogg is the ultimate tool! David Hogg can kiss my Red, White, and Blue All-America A#$$!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Hate is a Left-Wing Value

God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Cross, the Ten Commandments, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Capitalism, Individual Liberty, American History, and Conservatism!  These are the things the Left hate with a passion and will do anything to destroy. 

They still can't buy the fact that they lost the last election and won't shut up about it.  The vile hatred of Liberal Democrats and other assorted leftists is astounding and unreal.  I have never seen such a show of wickedness and hatred in this nation than we are seeing now. They just can't get over themselves and chill out, why not?

What we have here is a war of worldviews.  A clash of core values and a group of people who hate everything America was founded upon, and everything that makes us a great nation.  These left-wing haters of everything that is right and decent have done everything in their power to tear down this nation and the sad thing is they have succeeded in many ways.

They may talk like they believe in freedom but it is, freedom for them and their cronies and mass misery for the rest of us.  Do not believe one word that comes out of the mouth of any liberal politician or celebrity, they are probably lying through their teeth. They tend to say one thing and do another.

Once and awhile they left down their guard and show who and what they really are.  A bunch of communists that want total control over this nation so they can recreate it into something unrecognizable and terrible.  They almost succeeded in getting the Hillary Crime Cartel into office but the people managed to put a stop to that for now at least.

The Democratic Party and its allies are the biggest sponsors of hate groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the KKK, the Black Panthers, and other groups.  Democratic Allies like George Soros and others bankroll these groups in order to create social upheaval and create fear in the minds of Americans like you and me. 

They have created a double standard in society that allows their people to be above the law and get away with murder while everyone else is down a couple levels held to the law of the land. Take Crooked and Corrupt Hillary who has had her filthy fingers in many scams and schemes not to mention the mysterious trail of dead bodies left in her wake that no one wants to talk about, and she almost who the last election?  She never should have been allowed to run or hold any high office, to begin with.

If we are smart enough we ought to be able to have her arrested and convicted of her crimes but the people are so lazy and apathetic the left knows we will not follow through on it and they are laughing at us because of this.  People are so pissed off that Comey failed to follow through and actually exonerated Hillary but you realize that Trump promised to have her investigated and locked up and he failed to follow through as well.

The left is a huge hate group and the party of anarchy and mayhem.  The party of creating mass poverty while pretending to care about blacks and other low-income folks.  The Party of Government run health care, and death panels.  The Party that takes away liberties and want to confiscate all of our guns and ammo.  The party that should be dismantled and certain members prosectued and locked up forever.