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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Obama's Legacy: The Anarchist President

English: Religious Jews prey in the Western Wa...
In his last three weeks as President of the United States President Barrack Obama pushes the United Nation's to hand over half of Jerusalem to the Arabs (Palestinians) blocking the Jews from praying at the Western Wall (The Wailing Wall).

In his book EYE to EYE: The Cost of Dividing Israel, Author William Koenig shows that every time an American Leader makes Isreal give up more of its land for so-called peace, the United States get's hit with some type of disaster the same day or within 24 hours.

Major Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Tornado Outbreaks, Financial Collapse, etc. etc.  The people of the United States will be the ones to pay with their lives for Obama's stupidity and hatred toward God's chosen people Isreal. America will pay the price while Obama sits it out in his underground bunker safe and secure while Americans are losing their lives and property.

Might I remind the people of this nation and our leaders that "DO NOT be Deceived, God is NOT Mocked, whatever a man sows that he will also reap! (Galatians 6:7)".

While the majority of Americans support the nation of Israel, their right to exist as a nation, and their right to keep all the land given them by God, some in this country do not support Isreal but support the Palestinians right to occupy land the rightfully belongs to Isreal.  The ignorant decisions made by our leaders effects the entire nation and we should be expecting judgment very soon.

Obama's legacy will be that of being the worst President in the history of this nation. The most backward thinking, most liberal leader to date who has done everything he could to spread misery upon the people of this nation.  Obama's Legacy is one of hateful bigotry and absolute anarchy, not something for him to be proud of but instead a badge of shame for him to wear the rest of his days.

The United Nations is hellbent on establishing a two-state system in Jerusalem where both Isreal and the Palestinians can co-exist together in peace.  Exactly what type of weed are these people smoking that makes them believe that these two peoples can co-exist in peace?  It won't happen!  It is nothing but a major utopian pipe dream to assume the two can cohabitate.

Every Arab and Muslim wants Israel to be destroyed and wiped off the face of the map forever. They can not and will not live in peace with one another until the Prince of Peace (Jesus the Christ) comes and establishes his kingdom on this earth. As far as I am concerned the Palestinians have their own state, it's called Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.  All the places they came from originally in order to occupy the land that belongs to God's true people Israel.

I fully expect Obama to try to maintain power somehow, or at least to continue to butt his nose into world affairs in order to continue his state of anarchy and upheaval. I don't expect him to fade away into obscurity and keep quiet by any means.  Obama's level of arrogance will keep him standing just off stage left insulting the new President and his policies.

The American people are waiting with baited breath for Obama care to be repealed and for all of Obama's terrible executive orders to be repealed amongst other things we have been waiting for far too long.  The problem is that this nation won't be truly great again until it returns to God again. The moral and spiritual climate of this nation is so far down the tubes that obtaining a national revival seems an impossible task.

We cannot wait for Obama to be gone and I think we should send the UN with him. Let them all move to socialist Europe where they fit in much better than they do here.  I wonder if Trump would take over the UN buildings, and what he would name them? Hmmmm?


Monday, September 19, 2016

If Hillary Get's Elected - America As We Know It Is Finished

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If hard-core socialist and the corrupt woman of Washington D.C. get's elected, America as we know it is over with, this is NOT A JOKE! Now that the Socialist Democrats have succeeded in neutralizing conservatives, NO thanks to their secret weapon 'TRUMP' who was able to steal the Republican nomination from Conservatives.

Not only have they succeeded in neutralizing conservatives, they have succeeded in pulling the wool so to speak over many peoples eye's in order to obtain votes, and conservatives have scattered themselves among many other small third party candidates, instead of consolidating under just one third party and having a real chance at upsetting the left's apple cart.

I expect the Socialists to win not just the White House, but Congress, and to win many races across the nation which will not be a good thing for the rest of us.  Wealth and Power will be further consolidated into their hands while good jobs become more scarce, and taxes and prices soar at the gas pump and the grocery store.

Hillary will have gotten away with a myriad of crimes, and the murder of countless individuals, and there will NO way to indict her or ever imprison here for her crimes.  Just like with Obama there has been tons of talk going around, impeachment but talk is cheap and nobody has the balls to actually do it, the same will happen again with Hillary or Trump.

A Socialist is simply a Communist that has not amassed enough power for themselves yet, and when Hillary is elected she will be able to amass that power, the same with Trump.  It will take some time for them to accomplish this but it will happen, this has been their goal all along, and Obama was just the guy paving the road so that Hillary could travel down it with ease.

Just like with lying Obama, Socialists will say anything they want you to hear in order to keep you under control, and then they do the whatever the heck they want to and it is usually the opposite of what they told you they would do. Remember this "You can keep your doctor"?  and "You can keep your own insurance"?  How about  "the cost of health care will substantially decrease"?  And what happened next?

Hillary like all fork-tongued Socialist Democrats say what they want you to hear, but never deliver the goods they promised. The last eight years serve as a clear picture of what to expect under the reign of 'Queen Jezebel ' Clinton, and/or the bumbling 'King Ahab' Trump.  America will NOT survive under Hillary, and may not survive under Trump either.

I for one will not vote for either of these two socialist knuckle-heads!

The sheep have been fooled again and led into the slaughterhouse by the Judas Goat (Trump)!

The ONLY hope conservatives have is to unite under a single third party banner and vote to disrupt the plan of the socialist elite to seize power and destroy America.  I suggest to my fellow conservatives that it is time to vote Constitution Party and take back our liberties and restore our national sovereignty.

The Republicans and Democrats will NEVER do for this nation what the Constitutional Conservatives will do for it.  Restore America by restoring the authority of our Constitution and Bill of Rights!  Abolish the Fed, End Abortion, institute a Fair-Tax, giving America a chance to rise up and be great again by reintroducing America to God again.

If you elect Hillary or Donald you risk everything this nation was founded upon and more. Trump has promised to do damage the freedom of the press, and free speech. This is because he does not know how to accept the word 'NO' and his natural instinct is retribution against those who will not do exactly as he said.  In Trump's own words "When I say 'kiss my a** they kiss my a**".   Is that the type of person you really want running this country? Really?

The future of this nation  depends on not voting for either Clinton or Trump because of what they represent which is socialism in one form or another.  We want a President who truly represents the people, not a self-serving Evil King or Wicked Queen!  If either of these two are elected America is finished!

I hope my fellow Americans wake up before election day!

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Corrupt Hillary or Corrupt Donald? Take Your Pick!

The Corrupt Woman of Washington D.C. and the Wheeler Dealer of NYC

Who in their right mind can vote of Hillary Clinton?  The Scarlet Woman of Washington D.C who will do anything to go against our Constitution and anything to make a profit for herself, and kill anyone that gets in her way. Anyone who would vote for this woman is as morally bankrupt and corrupt as she is and should not be allowed to vote at all.

News has come out that Hillary was selling guns to ISIS, yet many individuals conveniently and blatantly look the other way as if it does not matter what she has done as long as she gets elected President of the United States. Why? So she can to this entire nation what she did to the guys in Benghazi?  Deny us the protection we need to survive so we all end of up dead?

A person that would vote for Hillary must be mentally insane and willfully ignorant!

Hillary says what she knows the people want to hear as she has always done, and she hides that fact that she is a full blown communist by sounding like a moderate, almost conservative at times, but it's all an act.  Hillary will govern even farther to the left than Obama and every person in America expect the members of the socialist elite will suffer the consequences of electing her to lead the nation.

Donald Trump who has been a life-long supporter of the Clintons both as a friend and a financial supporter to her campaign and her foundation is promising many things that people like such as securing the border, and solving the immigration crisis, but his previous dealings show us that he has gone bankrupt several times or at least declared bankruptcy, and become incredibly wealthy at using other people's money, and still owing several big banks millions of dollars.

Recently Trump has been backpedaling on some of the things he promised earlier on, yet his diehard supporters look on as if they "know nothing" just like Schultz on Hogans Heros.  Talk about being willfully ignorant, Trump's supporters are not that much different from Hillary's supporters in that it does not matter how corrupt their candidate is as long as they win the election.

For both of these group's it's not about morals, convictions, or conservative principles at all, it's all about winning the game and electing whoever will make the money flow again, in other words, it's all about their pocketbooks, not about sound conservative principles.  Have the people of this nation fallen that far away from our founding principles that we no longer care about what is right?

Corrupt Hillary and Corrupt Donald both are unfit to hold the highest office in the land!

Conservatives have an alternative that respects our founding principles and our founding documents. The faith of our forefathers, the belief that if America ever ceases to be good is will cease to be great, and America is in many respects no longer good.  The Consitution Party is that alternative.


Friday, July 15, 2016

BLM - Anarchy, Mayhem, and Martial Law

BLM or Black Lives Matter was formed in response to the shooting of a black man by a white police officer. The purpose of this group was to seek justice for the death of this black man and other black men by the police.  The group is funded by George Soro's a well know socialist billionaire, and other socialist black groups and Democratic Socialist groups.

BLM is NOT about saving black lives it is an anarchist movement much like their counterparts the New Black Panthers. BLM activists are blocking roadways, destroying property, and assaulting and killing white people as they make their way across the country.  They believe they are justified because of the way they perceive the actions of the police, they believe they are being profiled by law enforcement and targeted because they are black.

The facts are that the large portion of violent crimes in America is committed by minority persons mostly in and around large cities.  They should each take a couple days to ride along with the police and see exactly what these people face every time they put on the uniform and head out to protect and serve. Don't you think that our police officers get sick and tired of dealing with the same bullshit every day and night they are on duty?

Why people of all tones of skin commit crimes, minorities commit the most and if I were a cop I would get sick of dealing with stupid people day after day too.  Add to this the disrespect that so many have for our police and the call by black anarchist leaders like Mr. Fairy-Con to kill white police officers and white people in general, I see where the law-enforcement community would be on the defensive and very nervous about dealing with these riots and the violence of BLM creates.

It has been said that BLM is a socialist plot to bring in martial law to the land which would lay aside all of our civil rights and our Constitution which is exactly what people like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton and other socialists want, to overthrow our government and bring in a socialist theocracy.  These people know exactly what they are doing and don't intend to stop until they get what they want.

BLM is just like ISIS/ISIL in that They do not care who they hurt as long as their agenda is promoted. They do not care who they hurt or kill in the process especially if your skin in lighter than theirs, they think that their actions are justified when whitey feels the pain of black rage. Out of Control only begins to explain these anarchists and their dangerous attitude towards others and their property.

BLM claims it is crying out for justice for blacks when in reality it is doing more of an injustice to the black community in that they are furthering the stereotype that some people have towards blacks as being stupid, lazy, and looking for a crime to commit.  BLM does Black America a huge disfavor by creating all kinds of mayhem in our streets by blocking traffic and causing riots.  BLM acts like they are fresh out of the jungle and completely uncivilized as they march and destroy everything in their path.

Do I hate black people absolutely not!  In fact, I love them because they are my neighbor and I want to bless them and encourage them to greatness. BLM paints a picture of hatred and rage because they think the police are singling out black people to shoot for fun, for sport and this isn't true at all. The police are fed up with having to deal with all your crap and want you to change so they don't have to deal with you anymore.

As far as dealing with BLM, the police need to be heavily armed and not cowardly in dealing with them. They must uphold the law and enforce it in the streets protecting the innocent from the destructive rage of the black anarchist. The police should use necessary force without going over the edge, but the police are not superhuman they are just fallible human beings who struggle just like the rest us. When it is truly necessary the police should use deadly force to save the civilian lives and stop a dangerous person committing a violent act.

BLM has been criticised in every way possible and rightly so. I urge them to calm down, relax, and chill out!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Cruz Sex Scandal Likely False

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...
Today a story has surfaced insinuating that Senator Ted Cruz has had multiple affairs with at least five different women. This story seems to have come from two tabloids, the National Enquirer which is not even fit to line the birdcage with, and Gawker a gossip website, not exactly the most honest news sources in existence today.

The Paparazzi as they are known are always looking for something to sensationalize and someone's integrity to destroy in order to boost their ratings and make a profit.  These people are liberal and do not care who they hurt with their false stories much in the way Donald Trump operates.

Trump will say and do anything, and I mean anything to promote himself, fill his pockets with more money, and gain more power for himself.  Trump is stone drunk as a skunk on power and money and knows nothing else but living like a fat cat on the backs of the working stiffs of America.

Trump repeatedly brags about himself and all the famous woman he has had sex with over the years and I quote "I can't believe I'm getting this" and "I'm getting more pussy than you are", and other dumb statements he has made including the one about the size of him penis at a recent debate.

I wonder who the biggest gas bag is Joe Biden the current V.P. or Donald Trump?

Then Trump turns around and states how he has "a great relationship with God" and it appears that Trumps God is himself, the fact that he is "very rich" and owns many golf courses, hotels, casinos, and strip clubs.  Makes me wonder how so many professing Christians were sucked into voting for Trump with the knowledge of the type of person he is under all those big hollow words.

If Sen. Cruz did somehow make a mistake I am sure he would humbly tell the truth about it, and ask our forgiveness.  The Word of God states that "He who conceals his sins will not prosper, but he who confesses and renounces them, finds mercy."  I still TRUSTTED to do the Right Thing.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, can't say enough about his own sexual exploits, he is very proud of them in fact and likes to broadcast his proclivities, it's some kind of twisted badge of honor for him to boast about whom he has stuck his wiener in and how rich and famous they are.

DT is a very immoral man and must attack and smear his competition in order to get himself ahead. Donald has used several intimidation tactics like name calling, calling other liars when he himself is the biggest liar of them all, and bragging about himself all the time.  I don't see anything about Mr. Trump that is remotely attractive in any way, and I discern that much of what he say's is a whole lot of BULL!

Trump lacks the conservative record that Sen. Cruz has so he has nothing substantial to run on except he puts on one heck of a show for the people, sort of like the WWF of politics it appears to me to be all staged, and here comes Ted Cruz for the take-down!  I fully expect Sen.s Cruz to be able to diffuse this no problem, and fire back at Trump, but with what I have no clue.

Trump states a lot of stuff that sounds conservative that many Americans are able to understand. They are angry about what is being done to this country and Trump is able to hit a vein and puncture the issue and draw support from it, but it's all for show.  Trump is a New York Liberal Showhorse looking for a new circus to perform in since his show got canceled, but not in our White House OK!

My opinion is that Trump will only give us Hillary Clinton in the general election as most of the polls show him losing to her by a lot, a lot!  On the other hand, Sen.Ted Cruz is shown only a hair under Hillary nationally, and I believe Sen. Cruz can beat her in the General Election.  One thing is that many of the Democrats that crossed lines to vote for Trump may very well vote for Hillary in the general election, so Trump may lose a lot of support, but Ted Cruz may pick up a lot of support from Marco Rubio's supporters, and Jeb Bushes Supporters. We will see.

Ted and Heidi Cruz have a lot of class and know how to handle the heat, and will come through this with barely a scratch on them. I know that Sen. Cruz appreciates all of the support that has been given to him, and welcomes many more voters to jump off of Trumps 'long black train to Hell'  and climb aboard Ted's 'Express Train' headed straight for the Oval Office.