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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Liberalism is to Blame for School Shootings

Liberals love to blame guns and call for more gun control every time one of their minions commits another mass murder using firearms. However, liberals should blame themselves because they are the ones who have created this climate of no moral values and the lack of respect for human life not to mention the infusion of evolutionary theory into the minds of young Americans.

When they kicked God out of school they allowed every type of evil to take His place. Evolutionary Theory stole away the entire basis of human existence and the sanctity of human life.  When they took down the Ten Commandments there was nothing left to remind us how we fail to live up to the moral standards of our creator.

The students of today are hollow and have no reason to exist and nowhere to go after they die.  They are angry and unable to deal with their anger so they strike out at others and it often has deadly consequences.  Many times the shooter is found to be a radical atheist or into the occult as in Columbine. However, as you recall the drive-by media failed to mention that part of the story.

Anyone with half a brain knows that guns don't shoot themselves, it takes a person with the intent to do bodily harm to themselves or others to pull the trigger.  I heard a man say on the radio that he can fire much faster with his Glock than with his AR-15 Rifle. So why are liberals taking aim at the AR-15 to get them banned when other weapons can fire faster?

God the Bible and the Ten Commandments all have been removed from our classrooms by commie-libs based on lies and the twisting of the law in order to create a godless environment where students are left to their own devices and open to whatever lies of the devil the left decides to force upon them.

Liberals and liberal policies are to blame for more deaths than we can account for. Socialism Kills! Anyone who thinks that socialism is a good idea needs to see a shrink and have their heads examined. 

There will be more shooting and more dead bodies to scoop up because the answer to this whole mess is one that most people will disregard.  We need the Lord God back in our schools and we need the truth and the fire of God back in our Churches also.  We need to pray on our knees and stand and speak the truth in the face of the devil himself!  If we will do these things we will see the changes take effect and liberalism begin to fall!

Sunday, February 04, 2018

NOPrah to Oprah - The Left is Certifiably Insane

When Donald Trump was elected and started on day one disassembling the socialist utopia that Barack Obama was trying to institute the left when berserk with all sorts of crazy accusations against him immediately calling for his impeachment.

Not even one of their dirty schemes has worked Trump is fighting them or just ignoring them altogether.  The fake secular news people can't shut up and are beside themselves to this day. Recently the President had his annual physical that included a psychological assessment. The doctor conducted an interview where he stated that the President was in great health and passed the assessments and is in perfect condition psychologically with no mental problems whatsoever.

I guess the left is just jealous as a lot of their reporters are actually gay and as the President said during the debates "Some things are bigger than others!"  Looks like the undersexed fake news media can't handle the fact that the demon goddess of corruption lost the election to someone like Donald Trump.  Well, Trump won fair and square and we thank God that Obama is gone and Hillary in on her way to prison!

When will the insanity of the left end and when will they just learn to accept that fact that they lost and it's over for them.  I mean one year has already gone by and they haven't shut up yet and I'm guessing that they never will until the 2020 election and hopefully they will lose again. Every election here on out will be a knockout drag out dirty fight to the death as leftists will be clawing as hard as they can to get their leftist demagog into office and beat the conservative candidates.

Thier latest strategy is to draft TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey to run on the Democratic ticket in 2020.  This is the lefts revenge on conservatives for electing Donald Trump LOL!   President Oprah would be a 'total disaster' as Trump would say. She is a crazy liberal ideology just like Hillary with an agenda that would be a lot like Obama's socialist agenda.  A Pro-black anti-white, baby killing socialist just like the rest of them.

More failed socialist policies that discriminate and redistribute the wealth of those who earn to those who won't is NOT what we need.  Oprah is a religious pluralist meaning that her beliefs are all over the board and she believes that there are many routes to God when the Scripture is very clear that Jesus Christ is the only route by which a person can obtain Salvation.

Oprah has been spent time with heretic preacher Rob Bell whose spiritual beliefs have swung from Bible Truth to outer space over the past number of years as his own intelligence perverted the truth that he once knew to be true.  Rob Bell was on the staff of Calvary Church which is a non-denominational mega-church located in Grand Rapids Michigan. Rob left that Church as started Mars Hill Bible Church which took off like a skyrocket and grew into another mega-church and is now not near as large as it was before.

Oprah also was a member of Jerimiah Wrights Church in Chicago where Obama attended for many years.  This should send up a red flag to every God-fearing American that we cannot be silent we must begin now to fight like mad to stop the left from putting into office another crappy Democrat.

So it's NOprah to Oprah and every socialist would be candidate out there who can't wait to be the one to topple Trump in 2020.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Arrogant Sen. Gilligbrand Should Resign Immediately!

Sounding like a broken record arrogant Democrat Senator from the State of NewYork demands that Donald Trump resign as President of the United States.  What is her problem?  Is she just not able to accept the fact that Hillary lost or does she just hate Donald Trump personally?  There are many others just like her jockeying to impeach Trump from his position as President and they are dead serious about it. 

Why can't they just accept the fact that they are going to have to ride out the next four years and maybe the four after that also until they can have a shot at regaining the White House?  If it were up to me no Democrat would ever win again and all of the socialists in Congress would be replaced with Constitutional Conservatives who will do exactly what they promised to do.

The Democratic Party for all pretenses are a pack of Communists that want to remake this nation by spreading mass misery from one end of the country to another why they and their left-wing pals fatten their wallets with our hard earned money.  Democrats say one thing and do another as they pretend to be for the little guy when in fact they are for the rich white liberals.

It is fun watching them watch their vision of a socialist utopia fade away in front of their faces as President Trump undoes much of the damage Obama did over his eight years in office.  I often referred to Obama as the Poster Boy of Democratic Socialism and that he was indeed and he earned the title.

Gillibrand ought to just shut up and resign herself we are sick of tired of her ignorant rants calling for Trump's resignation which is NOT going to happen so she better just get used to it!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Give Judge Roy Moore the Benefit of the Doubt

Judge Roy Moore has been a champion of conservative and Christian principles for as long as I can remember, however, according to Rush Limbaugh Judge Roy was, in fact, a Democrat up until 1992 or thereabouts.  Judge Roy is best known for standing up for the public display of the Ten Commandments in his courthouse in Alabama.

Recently a story leaked out about the judge having has an alleged sexual encounter many years ago.  Liberals and some conservatives are calling for him to step down yet he refuses to do so and claims to be innocent of any sexual encounter.  The Republicans Congressional Committee has turned against him calling for him to step down from his congressional run, along with the White House.

Excuse me people but the Judge is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in case you all forgot about that.  Judge Roy denies that this ever happened and has stated that he does not know the woman who made these allegations against him.  The evidence against him at this time is slim to nothing and I highly doubt that the judge did the things he is accused of. The woman who accused the judge worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign, need I say anything else?

Here is the real issue:  Judge Roy Moore is a man of strong Christian principles and has taken public stands that most of the so-called Christians and Conservatives who are not pointing the bony finger of condemnation at the judge for doing something he more than likely did not do but many his accusers are guilty of this very thing and worse.  Judge Roy is everything the left cannot stand and they will do anything to knock someone like the judge out of the race.

Democrats especially ought to be silent seeing that their leadership are the biggest bunch of immoral and amoral hypocrites and phonies on the planet.  Liberals will do anything, say anything, and break any law in order to win and they do these things all the time.

All of these people equal a bunch of Pharisees like the ones that often accused Jesus of doing something wrong in hopes of trapping him so they could kill him, and every time they did they went away with their tail between their legs. 

Roy Moores accusers are people who pretend to be morally perfect on the surface but underneath their disguise, they are filthy rotten scoundrels. White Washed Tombs full of dead man's bones. People who appear to be followers of Jesus but in fact are not.  People who are greedy and lying their way through life, they are called Democrats and the Media.

Who are any of you to point a finger at Roy Moore when you yourself are not living rightly.  Look in the mirror and you will see the biggest sinner in the world, you!  Deal with your own sin and then you can deal with someone else's.

Christians and Conservatives ought to rally around Judge Roy Moore and tell the fake newsmakers and the jerks in Washington D.C. that the Judge is innocent until proven guilty and he is NOT going to step down and we will all support him and win him the election.

Tell the fake news to shut up!  Tell Trump to get on the Moore Train and tell the Republicans that if they abandon the judge they will not be getting your vote in the next elections.

Give Judge Roy Moore the Benefit of the Doubt!     

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The Left Must NEVER Assume Power Again

Liberalism is the poison, cancer, a mental disorder that can only be corrected with by awakening the soul of the individual by introducing them to the benefits of conservatism.  How individual liberty trumps that of mass misery, and how conservatism leads individuals to be productive members of society not standing around on street corners selling food stamps for drugs and booze.

Liberalism is just another word for Socialism, and Liberal is a modern term for Socialist!

 People must be shown that electing socialists in self-defeating to the cause of liberty and only causes the Government to amass more and more power for itself instead of turning over the power back to the people.  Big Government and high-taxes make for a worse economy, not a better one!

Most top-level Democrats are indeed hard-core socialists.  We just had eight long years of one and don't ever need to elect anyone like that again. Hillary is just another Obama and would have continued his dastardly agenda to collapse the nation so that her left wing elitist pals can seize control of the country, and all Hell would have broken loose.

We can never allow any Socialist Democrat into our White House, and we ought to do everything within our power to remove each of them from Congress as well. The next generation, however, is very much for Socialism. They think that having Medicaid for everyone is a great idea not to mention that they also think that the Big Government is the answer to everything.

Quite frankly these millennials scare the Hell out of me because the things that they value are not the same as the things we older Americans value, in fact when they take over this country in the near future we will be in big, big trouble because they lean toward wacko's like Hillary and Bernie Sanders, both of which are Socialist's.

We may have only the next election too seriously damage the Democratic Socialist Party by again electing conservatives to positions of leadership. The problem with the Republican Party is that it is full of self-serving elites that will not do what they were elected to do, for instance, fully repealing Obamacare. Instead, these morons tried to give us a light version of Government run healthcare which is NOT what they promised to do if we voted them into power again.

Everything the Democrats represent is unAmerican and damaging to society.  Electing a Democrats is
giving our nation a death sentence. Look how liberal policies have all but destroyed our inner cities and kept many locked in a system of poverty where they must rely on government handouts instead of being able to make themselves a better life.

Detriot, Chicago, and NYC are all nasty dirty towns full of people struggling to live day to day.  The cities are full of political corruption, illegal drugs, drunks, single family homes run by single mothers, drive-by shootings, etc.  The neighborhoods and business districts look like a nuclear bomb hit them. They are full of buildings that are boarded up and crumbling, and people wandering the streets many of which are homeless.

If we want to have a chance to rebuild these inner cities and get people of the public dole and into jobs that allow them to become self-sufficient we need Conservatives at the helm in every major city in this country.  We need to throw all the progressive bums out of office and replace them with common sense conservatives that will clean things up on the local level.

Commie blowhards like Deblassio, Cuomo, and Rahm Immanuel are only representing those who help put them into high office. Big Labor is a major source of corruption and also connected to organized crime.  Don't forget about the teacher's unions and how they have a chokehold on our public schools forcing their Socialist agenda down the throats of millions of students and parents.

The Socialists have removed God from our schools and courthouses and now we have an up and coming generation that is 100% Godless and will vote in Socialists/Communists into positions of leadership and authority unless we can do something now to change their hearts and minds.  These people think that Socialism in fashionable and they want what they believe is equality except for Conservatives and Christians, you can expect to be cut off and persecuted when they take over.

We need to take this extremely serious and start taking action or we are in big, big trouble!

We must NEVER allow the Democrats to ever assume power again!