Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Biden’s Build Back Better Is Bulls#*t

So Joe Biden is using the slogan 'Build Back Better'. First of all its a terrible slogan.  Secondly, when have degressive socialists ever built anything back better?  Their policies always tear people and nations down by inflicting the people with outrageous taxes and causing mass poverty.  Just look at the inner cities and how Democratic policies have kept people trapped in poverty and dependent on the Government.  Free this, free that, get real!  This has created an entitlement mentality in the minds of the people who now expect everything is handed to them.  

Never have the Dem's made it possible for people to climb out of the death pit of poverty and gloom. Single mothers having babies in order to get more money from the Government and the children growing up and being educated in Government schools that are underfuneded and falling apart. They are taught how to hate white folks and blame them for the state they are living in and they are right, it is rich white socialists in the Democratic Party that have caused the mess they are forced to live in. 

The result of their socialist policies has always been socialism leading to communism and mass genocide which history proves is the end result of this type of Governmental system. If you think that the Democratic Socialists really care if you and I live or die, they could care less. Population control is the main tenet of the religion of Marxism which is what their entire platform is based upon.

"The Goal of Socialism is Communism" - V. Lenin

They are using fear to motivate people to vote for them as activist groups such as BLM and Antifa have rioted all across the country leaving a wake of destruction in their path like we have never witnessed before.  The are trying to scare people into supporting them in the upcoming election and I beleive that they are turning more people against them than anything.  

Rumor has it that Antifa is instructing its members nationwide that on November four the day after the election, to dress up as Trump supporters and go into the streets and steal, kill, & destroy everything and everyone in sight.  We may have to stand up for our cities, homes, and businesses thank God we still have the right to keep and bear arms.

These anarchists Democrats will stop at nothing to get what they want and will do what it takes to get it including burning America to the ground. Are we going to lay down and die or fight for our freedoms?  Now is the time to stand up and speak up while we still have the right too.  

We will never build back everything these people have destroyed.  Hundreds of small businesses have gone under because of the Democratic Flu otherwise known as COVID 19.  The Socialists weaponized this virus for their own political gain and were successful in forcing the American people to comply with thier list of demands. Such sheep are the American people and the elites are laughing all the way to the bank at us all.  and if he strays from their agenda and does what is right for the country and I doubt he will.  He might become assassinated by the radical left as JFK was.

Biden is too weak a real cream puff he has no backbone or moral compass.  This nation cannot withstand a radical Democratic administration implementing radical socialism and forcing it down our throats.  This nation will fall under the weight of sky high taxes and the funding on illegal aliens healthcare and such.  This is how they buy votes by handing out freebies to people who do not deserve them. This is dirty politics as usual the Dem's speciallty served up rotten to the core.

Trump is the only real choice in this election if you want America to continue as a strong nation where lower taxes and less regulations lead to more prosperity for all of us and Trump will preserve our way of life and our freedoms.  

You cannot trust anything Joe Biden says or does and you really can't trust his running mate Ms.Harris either. This is the time to wake up and not allow them to manipulate you into supporting them.  Your family's future depends on preserving liberty, true justice, and the American way.

Build Back Better is indeed Bulls*&t !  


Tuesday, September 01, 2020

The Democratic Radical Conspiracy Against America

 Who would have ever thought, a pandemic in the middle of an election year?  Or should I say a contrived pandemic orchestrated by far-left radicals in another attempt to overtake the nation and institute their radical agenda on the American people?  They are not even pretending to be moderate anymore their extremist left agenda is right out there for everyone to see and hear.  

When Trump won the election in 2016 beating out Hillary Clinton we knew things were going to get ugly and they did just that.  From the moment Donald Trump came down that escalator at Trump Tower the Democrats began plotting how they could take him out and they tried several dirty schemes and everyone one of them blew up in their faces.  

Now it is 2020 time for the next Presidential election and they will do and say anything to rid the White House of Donald J. Trump.  Only this time, they have engineered a scheme like we've never seen before, an epidemic involving a virus with the potential of killing many people except that this virus has a 99% survival rate and only a small number of people actually have died from it. So they inflated the numbers with the assistance of the secular (fake news) media's help and gaslighted millions of Americans into wearing masks and keep their distance from each other.

It is believed by some that COVID 19 was taken into a lab and engineered to attack the human body and turn the immune system against itself causing death for many, but not for all.  The drug used to counteract this virus hydroxychloroquine has been shown to very effective in treating people with this virus. This drug used to be available over the counter but disappeared from the shelves two weeks before this 'pandemic' hit the nation.

All of a sudden out of nowhere terms such as 'social distancing' and 'wear a mask' surfaced and our lives were turned upside down.  What a better way to destroy Trump's stellar economy by forcing businesses across the country to shut down and telling people to stay home.  Don't try and tell me that this is some kind of freak thing this Corona Virus because the truth is starting to leak out and it's just a matter of time before this mysterious virus just disappears.

The Far-Left wants power all of the power and they will stop at nothing to get it no matter who gets hurt in the meantime, we're all expendable to them anyway.  The Democratic Party has a long history of human rights violations because of their unwavering support for abortion on demand, the killing of innocent babies for any reason whether in the womb or out of it.  Now is the time for us to fight back and expose their agenda so that they have nowhere to hide.

People who are doing the Devil's work do not like being exposed and what a better way to shut people's mouths than to call them 'conspiracy theorists' for daring to be open enough to look past what the fake-news media is spewing.  What if?  What if Dr. Fauci is behind this virus had it engineered in a Chinese Lab or here in the states?  What if these things are true and we are being lied to on a daily basis.  

Oh Sorry!  Were not supposed to think for ourselves or question when the media and the Democrats tell us is the truth.  To the elite, we are all just dead weight taking up space and using up resources polluting the environment, and causing global warming.  They see this epidemic as an opportunity for population control, the removal of extra people from the planet, and what a better way than to unleash a virus on the good citizens of America?  

Democratic Governors helped up the death toll by placing patients with COVID 19 into nursing homes infecting and killing numerous elderly people who do not have strong immune systems anymore and are most susceptible to  COVID 19, and who also tend to be republican voters.  

What we need to do is find the smoking gun that exposes those behind this Conspiracy so that they may be held responsible for the deaths of our citizens.  The left wants total power and will take away everything from us if they get ahold of it.  What we need is a conservative President who will investigate this and find the guilty parties and have them prosecuted.  We also need a conservative Congress that will not stand in the way of justice.

TRUMP 2020!  


Saturday, August 29, 2020


 Are you sick and tired as I am of being force-fed by the secular (fake) news media and being branded a conspiracy theorist if we dare to believe the opposite side of the story or simply don't agree with the hard-left media?  

We are too and that is why Great News International has launched a website that shares stories the 'fake' news media doesn't want you to read.  Stories that are very interesting and informative and don't follow the narrative of the hard-left.  When will they just stop trying to bully us and realize that we don't agree with them and just let us have our own viewpoint?  Probably never! 


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Comrade Joe's Big Fat Socialist Plans

 Plain and Simple, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will cost you and I, the American people everything we have worked for all our lives.  Our life savings, our retirement accounts, our liberties, and other assets, nothing will be safe if Comrade Biden and his assistant chief Kamala Harris get into the White House. 

Our liberties will be on the chopping block as these two Marxist's hack away on our constitutional rights along with the list of radical leftists Biden has stated he will appoint to positions in his administration.  The plans that the Democrats roll out this time will be far more dangerous to this nation than anything Obama ever did. 

Mark my works!  A Biden win in November would be an absolute disaster, one that we will never recover from.  The damage they do will be devastating as they are sure to steamroll us all as they institute socialism nationwide. You should pray hard that Trump wins this war because the Devil and his minions are working overtime to cause our President to lose so that he can take his nation down all the way. 

The way they have handled this COVID 19 thing is only a taste of what they have waiting for us if by chance they manage to get elected which really could happen.  The New Normal is the New World Order testing the waters to see what they can get away with and the sheep of the USA said "Baaaah!".  Social distancing to break us apart from each other and masks are more about social control than they are our health.

COVID is real but the overall epidemic was man-made by socialist Democrats that want to control us any way they can. The Democrats have been enacting social control and enslaving those who live in the Democratically controlled inner cities by way of their policies that have kept people poor and dependent on them for free phones, food, clothing, etc.  It's a never-ending cycle of entitlement that has left low-income Americans addicted to welfare and medicare.

Who was responsible for slavery, the rich white liberals and not much has changed except for the type of slavery they have used to make black Americans vote Democrat instead of giving them the tools to pull themselves out of poverty as conservatives do.  The Democrats have used the Black population in America as props to help them win elections. Liberals don't give a dang about these people all they care about is political power-grabbing.

Joe has gotten behind the terrible idea called the Green New Deal, a 1.7 Trillion dollar mistake that we will not be able to undo in a million years. Who is going to pay for this comrade Joe? You are stupid!  He has already vowed to dramatically raise taxes on us and this will be just a start to completely bankrupting every one of us and you know how they are, right?  You and I will be giving just enough food and money to tease us but it won't be enough to feed our families properly, just like in the inner cities today.

All of America will be one giant welfare state run by a puppet named Joe Biden with the deep state pulling his strings and telling him what to do and say. We can't afford to elect these people to anything! Joe Biden and the Dem's MUST LOSE for the sake of our nation.  Our very lives are at stake we cannot be lazy we must speak out now and vote in November (in person) for Donald J. Trump and elect Conservatives to every position across this country.

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Joe Biden's America: Where Freedom No Longer Exists

 They had to have a candidate that could beat Donald Trump so they sifted through all the candidates they had running for the nomination of the Democratic Party and chose the one they thought would win the election, and we conservatives thought that he might be more of a moderate and we watched him sell out to the radical socialist wing of the Democratic Party.  

His hot list of people to fill key positions should scare the Hell out of every American voter along with the fact that every outrageous and ridiculous idea they have for transforming this nation into the socialist utopia they have always dreamed of.  You and I will not recognize our nation any longer soon after the Socialists take power and mass misery will ensue.

Joe Biden is and will be their puppet President just like he is their puppet candidate with radicals like AOC and Francis 'Beto' O'Rorke and others pulling his strings and making him dance like the puppet he is.  America will not survive a take over by Democratic Socialists like Communist Bernie Sanders and others in the radical wing of the party which I am afraid is most of it these days.

Joe Biden and the others are promising free food, medicine, housing, healthcare, and other things in order to garner votes from the Black Community who they have pretended to care about for many years but their liberal policies have kept Black Americans in poverty and depending on Government handouts to survive.  The Dem's have created an entitlement culture in America where free stuff really isn't free at all, and where the crumbs from Uncle Sam's table is all they get and all they will ever get.

Imagine a nation that looks like one giant inner city where no one is free and all are in forced poverty. Where no one can protect themselves because there is no law enforcement (police) and you and I are left defenseless against tyranny because they are taking away our guns as they strip away the rest of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties.

There will be chaos and war no matter who wins the election this time, but if they win it will be the fight for our lives, the next Amerian Revolution where men are called to rise up and fight to take back their liberty, or they just give in and fall under the iron fist of the Socialist Government. 

 It will begin by raising everyone's taxes to ungodly levels as they institute the green new deal that they have been salivated over for the last four years.  The radical environmental bill that proposed to take away from every hard-working America the bulk of what they make in order to pay for its outrageous plan to make America green by getting rid of fossil fuel and anything that burns it.  So we won't be going anywhere, no vacations, no flights to exotic locations because all the means of transportation have been banned by the Democrats and we will have no money to go anywhere we want.

With little or no money there will be an increase in violent crime because people will be desperate to feed themselves and pay their own bills.  Death and murder will spread across the nation as people fight amongst themselves in order to eat the little bit of food left in the stores, it will be mighty ugly.  Of course, it will not all happen at once but it will happen none the less and the America we once knew will be an ancient memory.

The Socialist Elite will just kick back why masses are purging each other and thinning the herd so to speak. They will sit in their high-rises with all our money funneled into their pockets as income redistribution takes effect. They will be eating the best food money can buy and drinking the best wine they can get their hands on why out store shelves are virtually empty and food is hard to come by.

Capitalism produces wealth and prosperity while Socialism destroys them.  

Destroying America with the lie of social justice and equality does not even make sense but to Joe Biden and his Socialist Democratic friends, it seems like a great idea. Battling racism while creating it racial division for political reasons, real good there Joe, and how hypocritical can you people get? 

Joe Biden's America will be an utter disaster and will leave America in shambles 'injustice and poverty for all' which should be his campaign slogan. In the long run, the Dem's will create more civil unrest by the use of activist groups they support such as Antifa, BLM, and others. Creating fear in the hearts of the citizenry in order to control them is one of the Dem's oldest tricks, and they know how to play it well, and they are doing it right now with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Socialism promises the world but delivers nothing but mass misery.  It cannot replace Capitalism as the means of income production, but it promises things like a base wage from the Government in the form of welfare for all. They have already tried a Government takeover of health care called Obamacare and it was a failure as well. Why it provided free health care and abortions for some it cost many others a lot more money and hassles in order to obtain their health care.  

The Robin-Hood Theology of the left is a corrupt system of taking from those who work hard to provide for their families and giving it to those who do nothing but take, take, take and never give anything positive back to society.  Steal from the rich and give it to the poor is what Socialism does while Capitalism allows those who produce income to give freely as they choose to help others.  

Forcing people to comply against their will is what the Democrats do and have done for years. They view us as being too stupid to decide for ourselves they must make decisions for us and make us do whatever they want us to do. If you have a different opinion or belief from theirs you must change your perspective or else.

Joe Biden's America is not an America we want.  We want our liberty to make our own decisions without the Government telling us what to do. With Joe Biden as President, we will usher in the New World Order or New Normal and it will never go away. 

You and I have a choice to make this November, a true leader (Trump) or a Puppet (Biden). Capitalism (Trump) or Socialism/Communism (Biden and the Dems).  Please, oh please vote for Trump!