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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Why Pay More to Kill Your Pre-Born Child?

Abolitionist Society of the Lakeshore: Meijer Gardens to Host Event Celebrating 100 years...: "Why Pay More" for an abortion that is! The Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, as they host a 100-year celebration dinner and spec...

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Is Trump Pulling a Jekyl and Hyde on us?

Liberals crossed the line to get him the Republican nomination. Many conservatives bought into his rhetoric and tough speech, while some of us saw through his smoke screen and voted third party, he won the White House and now we have to deal with the Donald and whichever way he chooses to go.

Recently He and the Republicans in Congress attempted to pass a bill that was more of a watered down version of Obama-care the National Health Care Control Bill and Redistribution Scam the Democrats forced on all of us against our will.  To the best of my knowledge, it contained the individual mandate, however, President Trump had previously signed an executive order that removed any penalty that the Government might inflict upon us for not having health insurance.

This bill may have been a step in the right direction but it was not what the President and those elected to Congress promised us, a Full-Repeal of Obamacare.  So in essence, they lied to us and tried to pull a fast one on us, yet those in Congress who refused to go along with this plan and voted against it are now being called out by the President for refusing to go along with his plan.

Excuse me Mr. President, but Full-Repeal means Full-Repeal. It does not mean partial repeal or keeping the parts of you happen to like. What you promised the people you ought to do exactly what you promised to do not throw a hissy fit and say "next time I'll work with the Democrats" because that won't help anything get better but will make things worse.

After all, it was the Democrats that forced this bill through Congress bypassing normal protocols in order to get it to Obama's desk to be signed into law. This despite the fact that 83% of the American people were opposed to this bill and did not want it passed into law.

"It is not a conservative thing to work with Democrats" stated the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and he is exactly right about that. You billed yourself as being conservative now you have to do the conservative thing and give the people what you promised to give them -  A Full-Repeal!

So which Trump is going to pop up next?  The Conservative One, or the Socialist (Democrat) One?  Dr. Hyde or Mr. Jekyl?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Media Just Doesn't Understand Why We Call Them Fake News

Ever since Donald Trump came out with the term "fake media" there has been a firestorm of controversy surrounding his using of this term and his treatment of the socialist media.  It is apparent to me that the liberal talking heads and other journalists just don't understand why they are being treated like crap all of a sudden and why people hate them so much.

The answer is plain and simple we the people are sick of them bullying us with their liberal spin on just about every story they report on. What is the difference between us and them?  Our worldview v.s. their worldview and our core values v.s. their core values.  We are witnessing a civil war between the big media liberals and everyone else who is sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated by the left-wing slant.

This is our revenge on liberalism and we have only just begun to fight, and pay-back is Hell so liberals should be preparing to lose more ground as the 'rest of us' rally together to shut their big fat mouths. Sure they have the right to report what they want and we have the right not to have to be subjected to it.  If we all would just shut off those liberal TV and Radio Shows that would be a good first strike.

Why does Trump constantly refer to them as "Fake Media" because they have for many years engineered a war of social control via their reporting in hopes of bending society to the left and helping to create the socialist utopia that Obama almost gave them and Hillary would have.

Have you noticed that the socialists don't handle losing very well?  They are extremely pissed that they lost the election and are scheming to find a way to depose Trump and put in a POS socialist in his place, which will not happen but they love to talk about it anyway.  Sore losers on the left, Grow Up! Get Over Yourselves!  and Shut Up!

Why we are on the subject what exactly is a socialist anyway?  One person explained it this way. A Socialist is a Communist that has not amassed enough power and wealth for himself yet.  Socialism has no place in this nation, it is not compatible with our way of life nor our system of laws and Government.  So they want to get rid of our system of laws and Government and institute theirs which would be an ultimate disaster.  With Socialism, a small group of people horde all the wealth and power and the 'rest of us' end up poor, hungry, sick and/or dead.

To those that think that Socialism is a great system and that America ought to move to implement it in our society, to you all we say "HELL NO!"   We will die fighting for the freedom and liberty that cost so many good men and women everything to obtain and secure.  We are a Republic, not a Democracy! Get it Right!  America is not a grand experiment that has gone wrong it is a nation founded under Almighty God with liberty and justice for all.

So if you want to keep reporting your fake news then we will just have to turn you off and let your ratings sink into the dirt. If you Generation X'ers don't like what is happening fine, you don't have to like it, just like we did not like the last eight years but endured it hoping for a chance to elect someone who would undo all of the damage your false messiah did during his time in office.

Every America should be very concerned seeing that most of the younger people voted for Hillary and supported Bernie Sanders. They do not respect conservative American values and the cost of liberty. The next generation to take power in this nation will be the last because we will not be able to withstand the destructive policies they institute and the lack of moral and spiritual values they have.

We have four to eight years to get things done in this nation in order to ensure liberty is extended to future generations.  Taming the media is just the start of a long process of regaining some degree of decency and civility in our society.

Defunding Planned Parenthood won't save lives but abolishing legalized abortion by restoring the right to life to the pre-born will shut down every abortion clinic in this nation and save millions of precious human lives.

Defunding colleges and universities where students are brainwashed with all types of socialist anti-American trash would be another great step in the right direction. Tell them to clean up their classrooms and we should do something about the teacher's unions that have a choke hold on our local schools.  Bring back religious liberty to the schools so that students can express themselves freely without being punished for it.

We need to do something to stifle the ACLU by defunding all or part of their leftist agenda and clean off the benches across the entire country of leftist activists judges.  Restore the right of those in the workplace to freely express their Christian beliefs without repercussion.

You think the left is pissed now?  Just go after these things and watch them explode like dynamite!

Enough is enough of the fake media, fake education, fake family planning, and the all around fakeness of the hard left!


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hey Liberals, Pay Back is Hell!

How quickly they forget and how convenient of them to look the other way and willfully ignore the corruption of Barrack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  I mean come on' people!  Really?  You're going to riot and burn things down, make threats of violence, and act like the insane fools we already know you are, just because you lost the election? Really?

This is payback for the last eight long years of having to listen to the lying mouth of Barrack Obama as he promises one thing and turns and does another.  There is no way in Hell we were going to allow Hillary to win this election. Everything that woman stands for is pure evil so I guess those that support her are also pure evil.  The word corruption barely just her justice.

How so many people can be so ignorant is beyond me.  Did you really expect the rest of us to just sit back and take it without some type of retribution?  You evil is imploding and Trump is nailing it as he rolls back the damage Obama did to this nation.  We were serious when we said we hate Obamacare and want it repealed and replaced, and we won't stand for anything else!

It's time for all of you to shut up and get back to work. Try being productive members of society for a change instead of draining the rest of us dry with your laziness and stupidity!  Buckle up tight liberals it's going to be a very long and bumpy ride for you for the next four years, and I might add that the rest of us are going to enjoy watching you suffer through it.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Giving Trump the Benefit of the Doubt

I admit not being a supporter of Donald J. Trump for various reasons among them his liberal and immoral past, not to mention his liberal religious upbringing, I realize that it is possible for people to change, therefore, I am going to give DJT the benefit of the doubt and see what he does over the next six months.

I, of course, voted for Darrell Castle for President because the Constitution Party better represented what I believe but since Darrell did not pull it off and DJT won I will give his a chance to prove himself by his actions, not by his mere words.

So far DJT has signed several executive orders repealing much of the damage that Obama did over the last eight years, this I support and man it's great to have that arrogant POS out of office!  I am also pleased that Hillary lost this election by a yuge margin and I hope that she gets what she deserves which is a long vacation at the gray bar hotel.

Never have I seen a candidate more corrupt and evil as Hillary Clinton and furthermore I see that there are a few million people in the country just as morally corrupt as Hillary is, these being her die-hard supporters who are now marching in the streets protesting DJT win. What a bunch of cry babies and sore losers!

I think that it is only right for conservatives who did not support DJT to step back and give him a chance to prove himself and knock off the negative stuff until he does something that is out of character for a conservative, then you can call him out, OK?